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Your Best Guide to O & A levels

Every year thousands of students are enrolled in the world-renowned O & A levels program. However, little do they know it’s about to get real bad real fast.

Tackling O Levels

Your best guide to 0 & A levels
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Talking from a local standpoint O levels in Pakistan is devised into 3 years. Which in my opinion is complete and utter deception. Everyone here is in the money-making business. They don’t realize what it might mean to a student’s future!

So the 3 years duration for O levels completes bullshit. Most students don’t realize this until their final year. Basically, this a tactic for consuming money from parents.

If you’re really serious to just make things happen 2 years is the way to go. Start your preparation in grade 8. When you make it tp grade 9 it’s time to appear for Cambridge examinations. This is how it’s supposed to be done.

Now that we have cleared that out of the way lets talk about subjects.

Well, firstly you should opt for all the electives. English, Urdu, Pakistan Studies and Islamiat. Trust me when I say this you’ll feel a lot better once these subjects are cleared.

Appearing in these exams and hopefully clearing them will leave you with all the sciences subjects. Or business subjects. Whatever discipline you’re in. It doesn’t matter. The important thing to remember is that the electives are a dead beat. No means of disrespecting these subjects but at the end of the day, no one will ask you what did you got in Urdu.

Each and every single person is interested in core subjects.

You should know that if you get through O levels that’s a hell of an accomplishment. This is coming from a guy who just barely made it those 3 years! O levels are just what you would call the ice breaker. A level is a real deal.


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Having second thoughts

Getting cold feet in choosing whether to appear in CIEs so early is highly normal. I can understand completely. You’ll be sacrificing one year of your school life. One of the best time period in your life. Where you’re just carefree about everything.

Your best guide to 0 & A levels
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It’s truly hard, I know. Getting to go to A levels at a younger age is really challenging. Where almost everyone will be elder than you.

But hey, this is the right thing. The first right step to the rest of your life. All the party scenes, social gatherings, concerts, and festivals will come and go. They all will remain where they are. But do you know you don’t get a second chance at your education?

You should know you’re parents are investing a lot of money into your studies. Their hard-earned money so you could have a quality education. If by any chance you get an option that could change everything positively, take it!

I know I would’ve if I wasn’t so chill back then.


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A levels guide

A level is where all fun goes to die. I don’t want to scare you but that’s how it is. the number one mistake by students is giving all their papers on one go. No! You shouldn’t do that at all.

This is the reason why the passing rate at A level is so low. Rather than this method, you should opt for AS. “AS” is a divisional way of giving your exams. Consider “AS” as your FSC intermediate. Exams are divided into 2 years.

“AS” is exactly the same. I saw my friends giving 18 exams in just 2 months time. It just breaks up a person. You just get mad. So I would please advise you all in your A level that opts for “AS”. Don’t give in to peer pressure. Don’t think you’re intellectually weak if you taking “AS”.

Your best guide to 0 & A levels
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Forget all the haters and your so-called friends if they crack jokes about you’re giving “AS”. It has become a cultural norm to ditch the “AS” system. You do what you think is best for you.

Most of my friends took a gap year just to improve their grades. In order to get into good universities. So take “AS” it’s an easier and safer option.

And please check the eligibility requirements for your desired university. Some specific universities may not accept “AS” so in that case, I empathize with your situation.


So however you choose to get through your O & A levels just note that have faith in yourself. That’s the most fundamental attribute towards success!


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