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World War III on the verge and ignorance is bless!

World war 3 to some people seems to be a fantasy. However, in this day and age, anything is possible. It’s funny how we can joke almost about anything. Life and death have gotten casual nowadays. Being in the subcontinent it cannot get worse than a potential war. Not an ordinary war, perhaps a nuclear war.




How did all this start?

Well back in May of 2019, the relation between the US and Iran escalated quickly when the US deployed more military assets to the Persian Gulf. The US justified this by stating that they got an intelligence report of an alleged campaign by Iran and their proxies.

Moreover, from the US perspective, Iran was trying to threaten them and strait of Hormuz oil shipping. The moment we all thought things couldn’t get worse than this US did a gruesome act.

They ordered an airstrike on the Iranian General, Qasem Soleimani when he went for an official visit Tehran. Consequently killing him on spot. The picture below represents the remainings of the car in which Qasem Soleimani traveled.

World War III on the verge and ignorance is bless!

If general Bajwa is on an official visit to a certain city in Pakistan and is killed in an airstrike how would you feel? It would be a massive breach. People will be rattled to the bone. Iran is currently under the same feeling.

Retaliation was inevitable. It was bound to happen at some point. For a few days, Iran kept quite. They came back in a bombastic way. And I mean literally. They attacked the US airbase in their own nation.

So Iran got attacked by the US in their homeland. They retaliated back with bombing their own territory! Basically, to sum it all up Iran got back to the US by bombing themselves. Ah, classical Iran!

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Potential War?

Things are not looking pretty at the moment. Iran along with us is in the subcontinent. From a modern-day standpoint, this will not be an ordinary war. No guns blazing or airstrikes or even drone attacks. This will be a nuclear war. And I cannot stress this enough. Straight off nuking each other off.

The reason why I mentioned being in the sub-continent holds a great significance. We lay at the equator. Meaning we are in the middle. If any nuclear bomb goes off here. The world will suffer the consequences. World war 3 might seem a joke to many but it could very well destroy life on earth as we know it.

World War III on the verge and ignorance is bless!

World War III on the verge and ignorance is bless!

Elon Musk is right. We should all consider migrating to Mars. Although who knows how long we could bring electricity there. But hey, it would be nuclear war-free zone at least. Maybe we won’t be able to drive the tesla or scroll on our social media apps but life would be ok!

World War III on the verge and ignorance is bless!

All crops, agricultural-based network could get destroyed. There could be massive famine around the world even. You might have seen Hiroshima and Nagasaki, well consider that on a worldwide scale.

I might start to build a bunker for myself and maybe start gathering supplies for life after nuclear attacks.

World War III on the verge and ignorance is bless!


The irony in all this chaos

You know as time has gone by, more technological advancements have made us dull. I mean complete and utter retards. I’m sorry, but someone has to say it! Over here we might have a potential war in our hands and people are making memes about this subject.

To what is extent is much too much? I want to know because I just fail to understand. How messed up you have to be to joke about bombing your schools. Has APS (Army Public School) in Peshwar taught you nothing! Where is the humanity in people gone to? Seriously, just take a step back and think about what you’re doing.

Those who are encouraging for a war to happen should be dragged out of their homes to fight. Quoted by a famous Youtuber known as ZaidAliT.

So long story short in this ferocious battle between Iran and the USA we could get easily pulled into this massacre. If for instance, let us say that nuclear war doesn’t occur and its all hand to hand we still could get affected.

If you want to imagine what would it be like; the aftermath just sees Gaza. Palestinians are been brutally killed. It all ruins, dust, and bones. That’s what the endpoint is.

I urge you all to please stop adding fuel to the fire. If you cannot do anything productive observe silence. Why are we as a society provoking for a World war 3 to happen? Memes and false bravery will only make things worst.

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