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Why Pakistan is in Danger | Melting Glaciers


Glaciers play a very important role in our Environment. They are the resource of water.

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If you want to read are glaciers and glaciers in Pakistan than visit Glaciers and their importance.

Melting Glaciers |Why Pakistan is in Danger
Credit: http://www.ndma.gov.pk/

National Disaster Management Authority advisory warning by Rising Temperatures:

An advisory warning issued by the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) about melting glaciers caused by rising temperatures. They said:


“The ambient temperatures are still higher in the valley increasing, therefore glacier melt is increasing. The authorities concerned are requested to remain  vigilant and ensure following precautionary measures to avoid any loss of life or property.”

In case of any blockage on roads, they contact with Frontier Works Organization and Construction and National Highway Authorities.

NDMA further added:

“In case of any eventuality, twice daily update should be shared with NMDA”

With the updates, they can advise the tourists and forecast about Glaciers or temperature.

A black wall of Ice:

Melting Glaciers |Why Pakistan is in Danger
Credit: https://blogs.tribune.com.pk

A towering Black wall of ice Has been heading towards the KKH village since last July. In May The river of ice was advancing at 3.7 meters per day. Tourists were warned not to go near it. Behind the Ice wall, there was a glacier lake which was caused by nearby Glacier.


Muchowar Glacier:

Melting Glaciers |Why Pakistan is in Danger
Credit: https://pamirtimes.net

Once it ran parallel to Shishper to Hassanabad nullah but retreated four kilometers. Moreover, Shishper glacier blocks the way of Muchowar Glacier which causes a mini flood and lasted for 2 days.

Assistant of GBDMA Shezad Baig went for a monitoring mission on 23rd June. He said:

“The glacier lake formed at the Shishper Glacier has now completely discharged.”


“Not one house was damaged in Hassanabad village, Thanks to the protective walls we had made. Only parts of KKH were damaged and now the road link has also been restored.”


Melting Glaciers |Why Pakistan is in Danger
Credit: https://arynews.tv

Glacier movement has stopped itself, which is good news for people who live in Hunza. In June 3.7m to 0.5m per day surge of Glacier has been slowed down. It means KKH and Hassanabad Village are safe.

Deputy Director( of PMD) Muhammad Atif said:

“Glaciers can surge cyclically- meaning they can grow and then retreat on their own, or they can even break and now climate change is affecting them. To truly study a glacier’s health, one would have to do a mass balance study which means climbing up to the accumulation zone of a glacier and sticking in poles, and coming back each year to measure them, which is very difficult to do in the Karakoram mountains as our glaciers are located at such high altitudes that we can’t even reach their accumulation zones.”

Himalayan Glaciers are a source of water for more than 800 people.

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Why Pakistan in Danger?

As we know about the climate changes in Pakistan. Moreover, climate affects the melting of glaciers. The temperature is increasing with the passage of time. Resultantly speed of melting glaciers increases which causes large Glacier lakes. Glacier lakes are a threat to near villages because they can cause the flood. Resultantly there are 16 valleys which are in threat because of these lakes.



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