Why now is the time to start taking risk?
Why now is the time to start taking risk?

People just don’t realize that in this day and age risk-taking is the way to go. What are you holding back for? Aging spanning from the 20s to 30s is the best time. You may be starting out. Moving towards a more practical life.

Instead of getting a desk job work for yourself. Take risks you may never know what could work out for you.

Today it is really easy for someone to reach out. Things get viral really fast in Pakistan. It’s all word of mouth. If your risk gets makes you viral then it could have a good impact on your overall self and business.

Let go of the fear

Why now is the time to start taking risk?

The gift of life that has been bestowed upon you, don’t waste it. I’ve seen people work for the same firm their entire life and die. Don’t conform to society. Even if your parents pressure you too.

FEAR! Fear is the biggest thing that is holding our youth back. All their imaginative, creative and innovative minds are sucked by the corporate world. And for what minimum wages!

No this has to stop. In these starting out year. When you’re a fresh graduate. Get ahead of the curve. This is your best chance to live your dream life.


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Have a business-oriented mind

Don’t you just get rattled when you think about a 9 to 5 desk job? Doesn’t life seem tedious already? But a 9 to 5 job will just put everything stagnant. So now is the time to starting cashing in your chips.

Start a business venture that you always wanted. Bring something new and unique to the table. By table, I mean the market. Scout out what is lacking in the market and start with that.

Starting out your own business means risk written all over it. Whether you believe it or not. As you will be the sole stakeholder in your business. All losses will be bored with you. Best described as a sole proprietorship.

At some point in your life, you’ll have to take meaningful and life-changing decisions. Why not start early on.

Execution is the game

Everyone has ideas. There may be a million ideas thrown around every day in the world or maybe more. But how many actually go forward with it? How many of those ideas are really taken seriously?

So execution is 100%. Even if your idea seems crap. If you execute it as you own it there is nothing stopping you. However, the execution is all risk.

Why now is the time to start taking risk?


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Some of the best and world-renowned icons in the world have gone through severe failure.

Take it from Walt Disney. He was rejected from several studios stating that he lacked imagination. He won 22 Oscars plus his cartoons are still played and inspirational.


Why now is the time to start taking risk?


Micheal Jordan one of the all-time best NBA player was cut off from his team when he was young. Ended up winning 5 championships plus signed off a deal with Nike which turned into a multi-billion dollar deal.


Why now is the time to start taking risk?

Oprah Winfrey at aged 19 became one of the first black female co-anchor. All close relatives sexually abused her. She was only 9 years old.  went onto host one of the highest live shows in the world.


Why now is the time to start taking risk?

The fact to the matter is if you haven’t failed you never have tried anything new. So if your business crashes don’t give up. There is no failure only lessons learned.



Start taking risks. Try new things. Your horizon will open. You will see the world from a different perspective. Explore what you want to do in your life. Hence, taking the risk is the way about it.

Just start with something that shows people you are credible enough. Therefore traffic will generate itself.


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