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Why Careem Increased Ride Packages?

Careem is a Transport Network Company based in Dubai. It operates over 100 cities in 14 countries. In 2018 the company was valued at over $2 billion. However, In March 2019 Uber acquired Careem for $3.1 Billion but Careem maintains an independent brand and operates separately. Careem is the technology platform for a region. The Careem Platform provides a network that functions as a marketplace where users who seek personal transportation services, the delivery of goods, products, restaurant meals, and services can be matched with captains.

Why Careem Increased Ride Packages?

A solution To Your Problem

Careem provides you reasonable packages. A great solution to your problem. you just have to pay the amount upfront and book all the rides until unless your package runs out. Now a question arises HOW WE BUY A PACKAGE? To buy a package, simple you have to follow the few steps, First of all, simply tap on “Buy a Package” in your app menu to get started. Then stay connected and select package according to your expense. Careem Packages are currently available in KSA, Egypt, Jordan, Qatar, Pakistan and Abu Dhabi, UAE. The packages offered by the  Careem are very popular mostly among the office or school going people in Pakistan who have to use a cab service daily.

Why Careem Increased Ride Packages?

A Careem Package allows you to save on your regular rides and time. It also comes with a few other benefits, like no peak, priority customer service, and peace of mind. Many users rate that the rates for the Careem packages are reasonable and an average salaried person can afford it easily, but it won’t be the same now.

Not Anymore…

Recently, Careem has increased rates of its packages. The new prices have risen by almost Rs. 100 per package. Careem. As we know Careem is tax-free in Punjab and Balochistan. Whereas in Sindh 5 percent tax is applied to the customer and 2 percent in KP. Here the problem arises. How ride-hailing services are managing in a very small margin. The new Tax regulation highly impacts the public, Moreover, the petrol prices are also the reason behind this. To compensate Careem should impose a tax in Punjab. The rates and rules should impose here as well.

Further see, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cgy1OkhjADo 

Different tax rates in different provinces have impacted on the services charge of Careem. Following are the NEW rates per packages:-

  1.  3 rides for Rs. 249 for 14 days
  2. 6 rides for Rs. 449 for 14 days
  3. 10 rides for Rs. 649 for 14 days
  4. 20 rides for Rs. 999 for 30 days

The higher value for money as described through the rates above. Hoping for the best upcoming package in Pakistan.

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