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Which One Is Better – Airlift Or Swvl?

Do We Really Need Airlift or Swvl?

Today In this blog, we are going to talk about the new transport services that have emerged in Pakistan, they’re available in Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad. Are they really helpful? Let’s find out.

We’ll go over,

Airlift - Smart Bus
  • Cities Available
  • Luxury Car Rental Option
  • Fare
  • How to Airlift?
  • Why Airlift?
  • Address
Swvl - Online Bus Service
  • Cities Available
  • Swvl Fare
  • Why Swvl?


 Airlift- Smart Bus

Airlift is an alternative to online taxi services and public transportation in Pakistan. It offers high-quality rides with fixed routes, timings, and prices.  They believe in a better world for generations ahead. Therefore, being environment-friendly is one of the items on their priority lists. In Airlift App you can also suggest new routes.

credit: https://www.menabytes.com/

  • Cities Available

Airlift ride-hailing service in Lahore Karachi and Islamabad Pakistan.

  • Luxury Car Rental Option

Luxury cars like PARADO BMW AUDI COROLLA HONDA are available for rent.

  •  Fare

Only 50 Rupees



Airlift or Swl
credit: https://rideairlift.com/

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Why Airlift?

  • Affordable Price: 80% less costly than other car-booking services.
  • Reserved Seats: A seat is reserved for you. All you need to do is to book it.
  • Live-tracking: Say “NO” to wasting time on stops! With the help of live-tracking, manage your time efficiently by knowing where your bus is now.
  • Comfortable: Buses & vans are well maintained. Equipped with comfy seating arrangements that match your preference.
  • Safe: Drivers undergo a rigorous selection process. Trained frequently.
  • Quality: Buses & vans are air-conditioned.
  • Punctual: Buses are always on time!
  • Best in Class Customer Support: They are always online to help you out.

How to Airlift?

  1. Download the Airlift App now and open it.
  2. Sign up and choose the most convenient route and timing.
  3. Select your pickup and dropoff stops.
  4. Book your ride and save time & money.

Airlift or Swl
credit: https://rideairlift.com/


  • 03-111-222-806
  • support@rideairlift.com
  • Lahore, Pakistan.

Moreover, Why Careem Increased Ride Packages?

Swvl – Online Bus Service

Swvl is an alternative to public transportation in Cairo, Alexandria, Nairobi, and Lahore that offers you high-quality rides with limited lines, timings, and prices. Going to offices and universities’, Swvl is your best choice.

No more driving in traffic jams, wasting time in parking, or booking car rides at surging unaffordable prices. Saves time, money and comfort.


*The first ride will be free.

credit: https://www.menabytes.com/

  • Cities Available

Lahore, Islamabad and Now in Karachi. Expecting to be launch in other cities of Pakistan.

  • Swvl Timing

As it is newly launched, so timings and stops are limited.

  • Swvl Fare

Only 20 Rupes

Why Swvl?

  • Affordable: 75% less costly than other car booking apps.
  • Punctual: All timings can be tracked through their Swvl app so customers arrive exactly on time.
  • Comfortable: Buses & vans are well maintained and equipped with comfy seating arrangements that match your preferences.
  • Safe: Captains are professional and all rides are tracked by navigation systems (GPS).
  • Quality: All Buses are extremely neat. Air-conditioned. Regular checkups.
  • Highly Responsive Customer Services: Fastest help you could get in town!


  1. Download and open the app.
  2. Enter your pickup and drop-off stations.
  3. Choose the most convenient line and timing.
  4. Book your ride.
  5. Enjoy a comfortable ride.

credit: https://swvl.com/

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