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WhatsApp kicks off 2020 with six new features

WhatsApp has just revolutionized the communication style. Since the day it was released it has been a non-stop success. Currently owned by Facebook it still is really amazing in most ways. The thing I like about the app is anyone can use it. There is no complexity to its interface. I see even the illiterate people here in Pakistan use WhatsApp smoothly.

Previously WhatsApp came with a feature of deleting your unseen message. It was really helpful for the majority of people. Especially people who are in relationships and utter great mistakes in their messages. If you know what I mean.

So let us see what has WhatsApp got in store for us this time.


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Reply Privately in groups

This feature allows you to reply to messages in privately in groups. It’s really annoying when you had to do all this manually. Go back to your message logs and search for that particular person. However, if that person isn’t in your contact list then another tedious step to add them to your contacts.

Well, WhatsApp is to the rescue. Just press and hold on a message in the group you wish to reply in private >Select more and go to reply privately. This option is only for IOS users.

For the ones using android, press and hold on the message in a group> tap the 3 buttons on the top right corner> go to reply privately. And through this, you’ll reply to a specific message in the group privately. Your time will be saved as well as no additional work.

Pin important messages

Everything is about priorities nowadays. This applies to every aspect of our lives even WhatsApp. Some people are more important to you than others admittedly. You would like to see some chats on top of your list. If you don’t know this by now WhatsApp lets you pin important chats.

Usually, how it works when someone sends you a new message they appear on the top of your list. But not anymore through pinning specific chats they will remain on top of your chat list. Regardless of no new messages.

WhatsApp only allows for a maximum of 3 chats to be pinned. So here how it’s done

For IOS users: Simply swipe right on a chat > select the option to pin. This can be reversed as well by unpinning the chat.

Android users: Simply long press on the chat message you want to pin> select the pin icon from the top bar of the app.

So on and so forth your specific chats will be pinned and prioritized to the top. Whether it may be your business account or regular.




Find the person you message the most

There will always be that one person in your chat list who you share mostly everything. From memes to a private conversation. So WhatsApp has created a ranking system. This basically a list of favorite friends. Just like in your music library, where you highlight some certain tracks that you like over others.

One more thing this feature also pinpoints friends who are mass consuming your phone’s storage space.

This feature can be enabled by going to settings > data storage usage> storage usage there you can see all the data. The whole statistical analysis of most important groups and contacts and the data shared mutually.

Removing media from a particular chat

We all have that one group that we are forcefully added to which annihilates our storage space. Sending all kinds of nonsense. It just is too much some times. So these features ables you to delete messages, chats, videos, and audio from a specific conversation.

Go to settings>> Data and storage usage

Select storage usage there you’ll see all groups and contacts ranked in accordance with storage space they are consuming.

Select the group and tap manage messages option at the bottom. Now select and delete whatever data you that you like.


So this one you may already have noticed. This feature is completely similar to when you’re on a carrier call and someone calls you in the middle. A small beep is heard during your ongoing call to let you know some else is trying to reach you.

Previously users were unaware of who called them in the middle. It was only when they hung up there an ongoing call that a notification appeared of a missed call. However, WhatsApp fixed this too.

This feature is available for download on Play Store and App Store.

Fingerprint Authentification

This feature is a new one I guess to users. As third party developer made apps to secure certain apps on your phone through password protecting apps.

But WhatsApp came up with their own protection. You can now enable this feature by going settings> account> privacy> fingerprint lock. Every time you re-enter into WhatsApp you’ll have to open it through biometric verification.


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