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What is Aggressive Advertising

Advertisement is the backbone of every business. A business without an advertisement is just like a portion of food that doesn’t give you energy. It helps the business to boost the sale. In addition to this, it also helps to generate more revenue from the business. Sometimes people confuse between advertisement and marketing. Well, there is a little difference between them. Marketing refers to preparing your product for the market, whereas,  advertising means to make your product known to the people. It uses the data collected in the marketing. There are many types of advertisements. Moreover, In this article, we will be discussing Aggressive Advertising.

Advertisement & its Importance

Well as mentioned earlier, that advertisement has great importance in the businesses. Business is an entity in which a person makes living through selling a product or service. A businessman hires employers that advertise their products and services. There are certain objectives in the advertisement which are

  • The first is to persuade the customers to purchase the product by telling about its features and quality
  • The second objective is to inform the customer about your brand.
  • The third is to remind the customer about the product or services.

Source: LINs Advertising & Marketing

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Importance of Advertising 

Advertising has great importance. It makes your business and product known to the customer. Moreover, it also helps to boost sales. The importance of advertisements for customers is as follows

  • It provides maximum information to the customers about products and services.
  • It generated awareness among people for specific products.
  • The customer also gets aware of the quality.

Source: Ask for Files

On the other hand, the importance of advertisement for business includes

  • Increase awareness among people
  • Further, it also helps to boost sales and profit.
  • Help to differentiate between other products.
  • Increase the goodwill of the business.

Pros & Cons

In addition to importance, there are certain pros & cons associated with the advertisement. Some of the advantages are as follows

  • As it increases the sales & demands, so it reduces the production cost per unit
  • It helps to build the name of the brand.
  • The company can increase the range of their products.
  • Help to attract & educate the customers

Furthermore, there are certain disadvantages as well which are

  • Increase the initial cost, as you need to spend more on the advertisement.
  • It sometimes confuses the purchasers.
  • Small businesses can get out of the competition as the cost is associated with it.
  • Further, an effective sale strategy can also sell inferior products of the company, which is not good for customers.

Source: Matt Rayner

Types of Advertisements

The following are some of the types of advertisements.

  1. Newspaper advertisement
  2. Online Advertisements
  3. Billboards
  4. Email advertisements
  5. Phone advertisements


Under the next heading, we will discuss all regarding aggressive advertising.

What is an Aggressive Advertising

Sometimes while surfing on the internet we witness pop-up ads. The majority of the people find these ads unpleasant and get annoyed because these ads disturb them and act as a hindrance to their tasks. The strategy of advertisements that appears in front of us, again and again, is known as aggressive advertising. Aggressive advertisement is part of online advertisements as it appears while using the internet.

Source: SmallBizDaily

The main idea, behind aggressive style advertising, is to be pushy. It compels the users again and again to open those ads. These ads are even sometimes threatening, they threaten the customers to avail of the service or products which is somewhat unethical.

These ads are usually colorful and bold. That’s why we also call it bold advertising. Most of the time we ignore such ads and keep on doing our tasks. With the emergence of mobile technology, the ratio of aggressive advertises has increased a lot. Almost in every application, we can see these ads appearing in front of us.

Examples of Aggressive Advertising

There are many examples in front of us for aggressive style advertisements. This strategy is used by almost all major brands including Pepsi and Coca Cola. However, some low-rated business also uses this strategy, especially pornographic related websites. The following are some of the examples of aggressive advertisements that you have witnessed.

  • Pop-up ads with filthy and dirty images that appear on the screen.
  • While playing games on the mobile, we have to see a whole video of other apps. Moreover, these ads continue for a specific duration.
  • While watching a video on youtube, it pauses for a couple of seconds and an ad is played. In addition to this, we also witness some pop-up ads while watching videos.
  • Ads present at the login pages.
  • Ads related to charity on the side of the webpage.
  • The ads having countdown is also an example of aggressive advertising.
  • Banners that extend over the webpage

Pros & Cons of aggressive advertising

Well, just like other marketing and advertising techniques have certain advantages and disadvantages. There are certain pros & cons associated with the aggressive advertisement. The following are the advantages of aggressive style advertisement

  • The information about your product or service can easily spread in many areas. Moreover, it has huge reachability.
  • These types of advertisements are cheap. You don’t require a lot of budget for such advertisements.
  • Aggressive style advertisements can be beneficial for the long term.
  • These kinds of marketing have an immediate effect on business. Although, it may be positive or negative depending upon your quality and ad.
  • Aggressive advertising can also attract a lot of customers in less time. Although it should have attracted material.
  • You can also make money from these ads.

In addition to advantages, there are certain disadvantages that are associated with aggressive advertisings that are

  • Aggressive advertisement can really be annoying for those customers who are not interested in that product. In this way, it can further lose the confidence of the customers.
  • If the quality of your product or service is low in reality. There will be no benefit from such advertisements.
  • These advertisements can easily confuse customers.
  • It damages the brand reputation and can also affect the reputations of other websites associated with that ad.
  • Pop-up blockers can make these ads useless.

Tactics for effective aggressive marketing

As mentioned earlier that aggressive marketing can leave a negative impression of the business. However, there are certain tactics that you should adopt to make your aggressive marketing effective. The following are some of the tactics.

  1. Target your market. Don’t ever do such advertisements on the untargeted market. It will ruin your business image.
  2. You can present your business cards to different people. This is also an effective strategy
  3. Leave the space for the comments and likes on the ads on social media platforms. This will justify your business
  4. Sending promotional emails to the customers. This will attract those customers who are genuinely interested in your business or service.
  5. Spread brand awareness in events and in crowded public places.
  6. Launch a referral program, this strategy can attract a lot of customers.


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