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What Does the Color Code on the Toothpaste Tube Suggests?

Sometimes, when you are brushing your teeth and unconsciously, you flip the toothpaste tube to see the ingredients, you may have seen a rectangular mark on the bottom of the tube. Have you ever tried to find out that what does that rectangular mark is about? No? Then, you must flip the toothpaste tube and see the mark on the bottom after reading this article.


What does the color code on toothpaste tube suggests?

Color Codes on Toothpaste:

Usually, we see the flavor of the toothpaste while purchasing it and a few buyers consider the expiration date and ingredients of the toothpaste too. In addition, we see different phrases written on the toothpaste packing i.e. Whitening, Fresh Breath, for Smokers, and controls Cavity, etc. but have you ever noticed the rectangular mark? Definitely, Not!

A consumer tip has been circulating the internet for quite long which disclosed that these rectangular marks actually reveal the detail of toothpaste formula. Furthermore, consumers should consider the color of the mark while purchasing any toothpaste. As a result, many consumers followed that tip and a few got confused. The detail of these colored marks is given below:

  1. Green Mark: All natural
  2. Blue Mark: Natural and Medicine combination
  3. Red Mark: Natural and Chemical combination
  4. Black Mark: Pure Chemical

What does the color code on toothpaste tube suggests?
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Reality Behind This Consumer Tip:

Interestingly, this consumer tip which was circulating on the internet from a long period of time is totally false. Additionally, there is no link between the ingredients of the toothpaste and the colored mark at the end of the toothpaste tube. So, these claims were false.


What does the color code on toothpaste tube suggests?

Contradictory to the false consumer tip, the rectangular mark is made during manufacturing for the sensor machines. Further, when the tubes are passed through light beam sensors, it helps the machines to pack the toothpaste tubes. Also, this notifies the machine to cut, fold and seal the tube, during the process. Moreover, there are many other color marks on the bottom of the tube and every mark is made for the sensor machines.

What does the color code on toothpaste tube suggests?

Our Mushwarah to the consumers is to consider the expiry date, ingredients, and flavor of the toothpaste while purchasing it.

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If you really want to know more about your toothpaste, read our next article!




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