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Wear Good Clothes or Branded Clothes This Eid ?

Eid-ul-Fitr is knocking at the door and people busy with their shopping. Everyone aims to buy new clothes with other accessories. Nowadays, there is a trend of wearing branded clothes and utilizing branded accessories. This trend is prompted by excessive marketing campaigns which ultimately made the people brand conscious. A few days back, people were fed up with the increase in petrol prices but they have no issue to purchase expensive branded clothes. Are they getting branded clothes cheaper than petrol?


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Wearing Good Clothes or Branded Clothes:

It is not necessary that branded clothes are of quality and are among the good ones. There are many other manufacturers that produce the finest clothing than any other brands. The people are shifting toward brands just because the brands are using marketing tactics to fool the population. Are you one of that fool?

Wear good clothes or branded clothes for this Eid
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There was a time when making good outfits for the Eid was trending regardless of the brand. The clothes used to be according to our traditional values and fulfilled the basic need of clothing. The basic need of clothing is to cover oneself and become presentable but now it’s more like showcasing. People need to understand that they should wear good clothes for the Eid, wearing brand is not necessary at all.


Wear good clothes or branded clothes for this Eid

Expensive Branded Clothes Feeding Your Ego:

These branded clothes are expensive to purchase and most of our population cannot afford it but again thanks to marketing tools which has injected the virus in our population. The branded clothes feed the ego of the buyer but let me tell you one thing, their ego never gets satisfied.

Wear good clothes or branded clothes for this Eid
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Every year, several brands run in the rat race to capture the market but a few of them become market challenger and one becomes the market leader.  In this scenario, brands are earning huge revenues but the population is the moron who can take stand for rising inflation but at the same time can spend thousands on these branded clothes.

Wear good clothes or branded clothes for this Eid
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Real Purpose of Eid:

The real purpose of Eid is to make this day special for your loved ones and for the whole Muslim community. Are we really doing this? Nowadays, all brand outlets are filled in with the maximum flow of customers but what about our NGOs and other welfare communities? How many of us have visited that place to help our brothers and sisters. They do not need branded clothes, they just need good clothes.

Wear good clothes or branded clothes for this Eid
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Clothing is a need but branded clothes are our want. We should understand the difference between our needs and our wants. There are ultimate desires but it is better to stick to our needs. Even if we have an excess amount of money then fulfill the needs of others rather than spending it on our useless wants.


Wear good clothes or branded clothes for this Eid

We hope this Mashwarah brings a change in our society. If you like this Mashwarah then share it with your family, friends, and relatives, and DITCH THE BRANDS THIS EID. Do share your reviews related to this Mashwarah in the comment section below.


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