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University life in Pakistan

University is a place where a student achieves higher education. It is one of the major parts of the life of a student. Some enjoy a lot at universities, whereas, others focus on their study and remain restricted. There is a great impact of the universities on the student. Moreover, it also enhances the level of confidence among students. Although, there is a lot of difference in the university life of a private university and a government university. Well, in the coming section, we are going to discuss university life in Pakistan along with its impact on the students. Note that we will only discuss the private university life of a student.

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Impact of University life on the student.

There is a huge impact of the university on the life of a student. When the student came to university for the first time they are like a piece of blank white paper. It is the duty of teachers to mold them into something beautiful. University not only grooms the student intellectually but also morally and physically. Most of the students get physically fit when they are enrolled. The student will also become more confident due to presentations. Furthermore, it also increases the social circle of the students.

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University life in Pakistan.

Day 1 Fears

After the orientation, the first day of classes can really get wild. The first and foremost fear that every student need faces is getting ragged. It is basically a tradition in which the seniors play and make fun with the freshers. Although this is a morally bad tradition, it is one of the leading causes of students suicide in India. I must say that the ragging must not be of the limit. Even some universities allow ragging within a limit. There are positive sides to the ragging as well, it increases the social circle of the student and also enhances the confidence.

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Another first-day fear is getting lost in the university campus. The majority of the universities are quite large in size. To find the room is also difficult. Students on the first day are soo hesitant, that they usually don’t ask about the rooms from others. So there are chances that they may get lost in the university campus

Cafeteria gossip session

It is one of the best times in university. Students sit together and talk about different things. Guys in the cafeteria usually talk about girls and whisper to each other “Mere Wali Agyii”, “Wo dekh tere bhabhi”. It is sort of unethical but its really a fun experience. Similarly, girls talk about dresses, shoes, outfits, dramas, and other girls. Cafeteria gossip sessions are among the most memorable thing in university life.

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Bunking lecture without reason

Bunking lectures are considered as normal in universities. But bunking lectures without any reason is awesome. Students bunk lectures just to smoke or to meet their friends. There is not any solid reason for doing this.

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Running to teachers for extra marks

Well after the exams during the paper review, few unlucky students failed with just a single mark. They keep on running towards the teacher for one mark. Similarly, the students who wanted to maintain their GPA also runs toward the teacher for extra marks. Some teachers are soo humble and they add an extra mark whereas some never do it.

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Getting dressed up early in the morning

The most difficult thing during university life is to get up early in the morning and when the first class is at 8:00 AM. For guys, it’s not that difficult, as they just have to take a shower or wash their face and get dressed up. Girls take a lot of time as they had to put on make-up and other stuff.

Last-minute exam preparation

The only thing you will remember throughout life will be your last-minute preparation during the exams. As in the semester system, there are mid-terms and annuals. The syllabus is not too much some times. Some brilliant students keep on preparing throughout the session whereas, some prepare just a few hours before a paper. Few of such kinds of students also get good marks in their exams.

Hanging out with university friends

Hanging out with university friends is also quite memorable and is among the best thing in university life. Students enjoy, eat, and snap photos to post on Facebook and Instagram. They usually go to the northern areas during semester-break and enjoy.

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Sleeping over to friends for so-called group studies.

Sleeping over to the friend’s house for group study is a bluff. Believe it or not, it is not possible to study within a group of best friends. Usually, in group study there is a single guy who knew everything whereas, others are even unaware of the syllabus. They, however, manage to study but most of their time passes while watching the movie, smoking shisha, and eating. After graduation, you will remember this for your whole life.

Joining and managing societies and events

Students in the universities join academies, some of the joins due to interest for example music societies. Some join due to their friends. Whereas, some join just to mark themselves present during an event. Those who join the societies need to manage and conduct the events

Ills and goods of the University life in Pakistan

Well in Pakistan, all the universities are not up to the mark. The quality of education is average, similarly, the students are not provided with extra-curricular activities. Although, they do enjoy their time the institution doesn’t provide them any source of enjoyment. In the case of government universities, the students are bounded into the studies, there are very little or even no extra-curricular activities. On the other hand, students in private universities have access to different societies and extra-curricular activities.
However, the expenses at private universities are quite high. Mostly students from rich families could take admission to private universities. Life in private universities is much better as compared to government universities.



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