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Unbeatable Heroes of Pakistan

Well, most of the time we heard that “Success begets success” right? It can be meant “The successful walk the success”. I think the best way of achieving future goals and to make our dreams a reality is by following the footsteps of those who already been traveled the path for achieving success. By doing this, it will become easy for us to handle all the difficulties preventing us from achieving our goals. Following successful personalities, are able to give us a perfect role model to follow and someone who can inspire us to work harder to achieve success.

No doubt, Pakistan has many proud and unbeatable successful personalities, who worked hard and achieved their success even with the extreme lack of resources. These entrepreneurs are diving deeply in the vast sea of technology and inventing new products on a daily basis. However, building different popular brands which help in human development. Believe it or not, there is an unbeatable and unstoppable talent in Pakistani youth as they don’t have many opportunities to completely utilize their potential but even then are breaking the concrete barriers and doing their best to achieve their focused objectives.

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Successful Personalities:

In this list, we look at some of the Pakistani’s youngest heroes and successful personalities, including entrepreneurs, freelancers, and leaders. They made Pakistan able to beat other modern countries and are changing the entire game with their broad intelligent thinking and dynamic, perfect leadership qualities.

1-Azad Chaiwala

Azad Chaiwala is known to be the wealthiest person in Pakistan. As far as the gaming field is concerned, he is considered to be the CEO of FreeOnlinGames.com, Fog.com, Polygamy, Secondwife.com, Gomarry.com. Chaiwala.com. He is also the founder and Chairman of Chaiwala Institute who earned Multi-millions in his field. Azad was born on 1st January 1983 in Sunderland, UK and owned the British and Pakistani nationality. At his younger agehe was involved in game development and made several games in his teenage, and also worked with his team members for 100’s of companies alone or occasionally.

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Azad Chaiwala made his major personal wealth from the IT department. In 2009, he founded an IT institute named Infaaq and funded 10 crores approximately. He wanted to help Pakistani learn and grow from his experience and knowledge. His main objective is to provide technical skills through videos and practical implementation to make Pakistanis productive and in demand.

2.Rehan Allahwala

Mr. Rehan Allahwala is known to be the founder and president of the company Super Technologies Inc. (The United States-based Software Company) that provides a solution for all telecom Industries. He is an entrepreneur and at the age of 13, he founded his first company named “Pakistan Computers” in the country Pakistan.

credit: https://rehan.com/

At the age of 16, he created commodore computer accessories which include Voice Digitizers, modem and Speed Optimizers, etc. Now Rehan Allahwala is known to be the president of different multinational companies around the whole world including the countries like United States of America, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, Europe, and Pakistan.

Moreover, he started school to teach millions of people the basics of literacy via mobile phones and living a happy, rich and successful life.

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3.Amir Iqbal

Sultan of Multan, Mr. Amir Iqbal, an internationally acclaimed freelancer, blogger, and SEO Expert. He has a long history of success. Amir Iqbal is a youth icon of Pakistan and a role model for every Pakistani. He provides free training on different freelancing skills and platforms. Thousands of aspiring bloggers across Pakistan came and attended his event. I must say, It is a compulsory attend event for all aspiring and currently working freelancers to polish their skills and excel in the international market.

credit: pakistantribe.com/

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4.Hisham Sarwar

Meeting another interesting personality named Hisham Sarwar; a successful entrepreneur who earned more than $1 Million in the field of Freelancing. Starting from scratch, He worked as a government employee in a US-based company in the early days of his life. Hisham wanted to lead the life of complete freedom and space and plus point was, He was the skillful creative designer. And that was really not possible with having the job from 9 am to 5 pm. So he started freelancing in a designing category in the year 2007 and provided solo based services to the clients on different freelancing platforms or marketplaces like Elance, Freelancer, and Guru.

credit: https://hishamsarwar.com/

After working for some time, Hisham shifted his complete focus only on Guru platform and provide services to only Guru clients and it was his lucky decision by which he was then able to earn $1 Million plus profit and have been given the appreciation by Guru.com team to be on the top page of Guru testimonials among top 10 freelancers on the guru’s portal.

Now Hisham has a team of 20 people that provides different services to the clients on guru.com and working on web development, graphic design, and mobile application domain, etc.


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5.Nouman Arshad

From successful personalities, let’s talk about the one, who is SEO certified, and the famous freelancing at Fiverr and at Upwork none other then Nouman Arshad. He belongs to Lahore and studied at Virtual University. Nouman Arshad is a publisher at google Adsense and the owner and founder of Need SEO Master. In addition, he is a Digital Marketing Strategist at HealthHut.

credit: twitter.com/

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We can’t say Pakistani can’t do extraordinary work. There is a vast range of talent in Pakistan as far as technology is concerned. One kind of personality which we all know about is M Umer. He got the title of a famous Internet Marketer and a professional Blogger. In addition, he is trained with experience of more than 10 years in this field including SEO, PPC, Affiliate marketing as well as Freelancing.

credit: aliraza.co

Moreover, he owned a YouTube channel named “UmerINN” where he shares different tutorials, webinars, and guides for those who need to have skill for their best future lifestyle. M.Umer said that he also saw the era when buying the computer was a very difficult task for his parents. He can not even afford just the computer. But now after the great hard work and skill mind, he is earning more than $2000 a month by monetizing his skill and offer different services to the clients of different freelancing platforms.

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7.Sunny Ali

Due to the security reasons we can not open or officially register our accounts on websites like eBay, Amazon, and PayPal. However, for the sake of young entrepreneurs, Sunny Ali, who is the founder and Ceo of extreme commerce has a solution to this problem.  He founded extreme commerce to enable entrepreneurs to expand their business through Amazon.

credit: /twitter.com

Sunny Ali wants young Pakistani entrepreneurs to open up an account on Amazon.com and start selling their products over there. However, he believes that with this these entrepreneurs can ad up 1 billion dollars per annum in Pakistan’s economy. In fact, Sunny Ali has already striated to work upon this strategy. And so, providing training to a number of entrepreneurs on how to use FBA (fulfillment by Amazon). With the understanding of FBA, Pakistani entrepreneurs would be able to start selling their products on Amazon from Pakistan.

However, with the help of training, many entrepreneurs have experienced how easily they can expand their business through Amazon. Through his vision, he helped thousands of entrepreneurs in Pakistan to open up online stores on Amazon.


8.Shahid Hussain Joiya

Successful personalities also include Shahid Hussain Joy, 34, who is neither an influential figure in the city, a major landowner or a politician. Yes, there is a potential that makes them recognized by the village child. Famous Youtuber Shahid Hussain Joiya, CEO of Falcon Chemicals & Business Talks. Who started his carrier as a sweeper and now he is a Factory Owner. During his 12 years of hard work and determination, he held out the position of general manager in this factory.

credit: https://www.youtube.com/

In less than two and a half years, Shahid Hussain has more than three million followers on Joey’s YouTube channel “Business Talk“. They talk about different business ideas in their videos. And so, these videos provide complete and comprehensive information about the capital, machinery, manpower and raw materials needed to start a business.

On the contrary, Business at a thousand bucks Shahid Hussain claims, “You should pocket a thousand rupees, I can send you back the same day you start a business.” He motivated thousands of Startups and to date. However, 5000 persons started their business on his given guidelines. Shahid Hussain says business is not compulsory on a large scale.




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