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Top Pakistani Funny YouTubers You Must Subscribe In This Quarantine.

Everyone is spending time in self-quarantine after the Coronavirus outbreak. Internet makes it easy to spend time without getting bored. YouTube is one of the platforms where people can watch videos of different people. People who create videos are known as content creators or YouTubers. They have their dedicated YouTube channels where they post their content. Just like different channels you see on the television. Here are our mushwarah to subscribe to these top Pakistani funny YouTubers. Their content is more good as compared to television programs.

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Top Pakistani Funny YouTubers:

Making content for youtube is not an easy job. It required a lot of hard work and dedication. Here are few examples of top Pakistani funny YouTubers you must subscribe to. Before reading, keep in mind that the quality of content is more important as compared to the number of subscribers. So, let’s dive into the details.

1. Taimoor Salahuddin:


Taimoor Salahuddin is a YouTuber who makes quality content for people. He runs a YouTube channel named Taimoor Salahuddin aka Mooroo. His nickname is Mooroo, his content can’t be challenged by any YouTuber of Pakistan. The amount of time and hard work this person puts in his work is appreciatable. With 700K subscribers, Mooroo is on top of our list. He makes informative and funny videos. He is also a musician and singer that’s why you will listen to customize music and song in his every vlog video. One of his song Tasveer liked by many of his fans. He also started a YouTube web series Sayay.

2. Rahim Pardesi:


Rahim Pardesi is a Scottish Asian YouTuber. He makes funny videos. One of his role which is loved by many people is the character of Nasreen. Currently, he has 2.3 million subscribers. He also started his separate YouTube channel Pardesi squard for his fans where he post vlogs and music videos. He uploaded his first music video AAGYA TIME in March 2019.

3. Saad ur Rehman:


Saad ur Rehman is also known as Ducky Bhai because of his youtube channel. He has 1.59 million subscribers and he makes funny roasting videos that are loved by many people. He also runs a second youtube channel named Ducky Extra where he uploads gaming videos. This year he also won the YouTuber of the year PISA award.

4. Arslan Naseer:


Arslan Naseer is a Pakistani YouTuber having 350k subscribers on his youtube channel CBA – Arslan Naseer. He is making content since 2011. Initially, his youtube channel name was CBA (Comics by Arslan) which he recently changed. He make funny review videos. Firstly, he started with funny reviews of Bollywood songs and Pakistani ads but recently he also starts making reviews on Pakistani dramas like Ehd-e-Wafa and Meray Pass Tum Ho. Soon you will be watching his drama on your TV screen. If you are feeling sad you must watch his content.

5. Raza Samo:


Raza Samo started his youtube carrier a long time ago. He currently runs two YouTube Channels. One for vlogging named as KhujLee Family Vlogs and other for making regular funny videos KhujLee Family. At first, he starts making funny college life videos and eventually changed his content type. Now he makes roasting and reviews videos on trending topics. He has 1.22 million subscribers on his main channel. How he become a successful YouTuber? for this, you have to watch his one of the inspiring video MY STORY IS FULL OF FAILURES.

6. Danish Ali:


Danish Ali is a standup comedian but he is most known for his funny videos. He was also a Tv host. Danish has a unique comedy style. His funny facial expressions are the best remedy for your boredom. His most viral video in all over Pakistan was Rishtay Ka Soda. If you are feeling sad and bored you must watch his videos and also subscribe to his channel for daily updates.

7. Ali Sufian Wasif:


There are many under-rated YouTubers who are working hard and making unique content but yet not noticeable by the audience. Ali Sufian Wasif is also one of them which is also known as Lame Brown Dude. He makes funny skit videos. His videos are also copied by many big YouTubers. You can see his content by visiting his YouTube channel Ali Sufian Wasif.

Notable mentions:

There are many other YouTubers who are making good content with teamwork which are

  • Bekaar films –  A group of college graduates making funny videos since 2016.
  • The Idiotz –  Three friends making youtube videos since 2008.

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