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Top Online Business in Pakistan

When it comes to earning money, there are multiple sources one can avail of. One of them is through the internet. The technology has made this possible to do online business in Pakistan. Many of the Pakistanis have their source of income through the internet and some of them have become well known for their achievements through the internet. For instance, Azad Chaiwala, Rehan Allahwala, Sunny Bhai and Hisham Sarwar.

Note that if they can earn money online you too can do business online. There are various opportunities for all of us on the internet to get into a business and earn a decent amount of money from them. We will be discussing the best online business in Pakistan through which you will be able to earn money.

Below are the best online businesses in Pakistan.

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  •  Freelance Business

Hisham Sarwar a freelancer has earned about $ 1 million through freelancing. He is one of the top 10 service providers at www.guru.com. This means that this business has a lot to offer to the people of Pakistan. One of the reasons that freelancer is growing business in Pakistan is because Americans and Europeans often hire Asian freelancers to get their projects done at affordable rates.

They hire Pakistanis because they charge less money for quality work as compared to freelancers belonging to other countries. This business is popular among numbers of Pakistani students, employees and even well-educated housewives to generate side income. If you are not into it yet you can be one too.

You need some skills such as writing, logo designing, web development, and others to get started with this. Other than this you need fast internet.

Top Online Business in Pakistan
Top Online Business in Pakistan


  • Selling Through E-commerce

We all know how much e-commerce has developed in the past decade in Pakistan. The development of Daraz.pk has provided an opportunity for people to sell things online even from home. About 10 million products are registered on Daraz.pk. There are many more websites that are in the developing phase and will provide the same opportunity.

In Pakistan Sunny Ali the founder and CEO of Extreme Commerce visions to create 10,000 Amazon FBA Entrepreneurs who can generate $ 1 billion in annual revenue for Pakistan. This is a great opportunity for people in Pakistan to start their own business or to expand their business through international sales by Amazon.

All you need to have is a place where you can store your products and the internet to upload your product by making accounts on that website.

Top Online Business in Pakistan
Top Online Business in Pakistan

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  • Start Your YouTube Channel

If you have unique content you can create your own youtube channel. You can get a decent amount of subscribers in no time with the help of the uniqueness of your content.

This is not a new business but it still can provide a great opportunity for an individual or group to generate money. The other reason you can get views on videos is that internet users prefer to watch videos instead of reading length contents.

If you are interested in making videos on Youtube you can choose the following category.

  1. Gaming
  2. Entertainment
  3. Teaching
  4. Poems for Kids
  5. Poetry
  6. Documentary
  7. News
  8. Roasting
  9. Vlog
  10. Motivation
  11. Advising
  12. Reviews
  13. Pranks
  14. Farming (Agriculture, Animal, and birds breeding)

and so on. A good quality camera and fast internet would be important in some of these options. AzadChai Wala, CEO and founder of the “Second Wife” and “Polygamy” marriage websites also the YouTuber makes videos upon startups and business and earn good money from this platform.

Top Online Business in Pakistan
Top Online Business in Pakistan


  • E-Learning Websites

E-learning websites have great potential to provide people with a handsome income. These days e-learning is getting famous around the world. The main reason for e-learning popularity is that people can access their online courses anywhere in the world. They do not have to carry books with them if they are traveling.

If one can find courses online he will not prefer to get a book or carry a half KG book with him/her in college or university. They just need a laptop/mobile and data connection.

You can build a website and students can buy online courses or you can provide courses free of cost and earn money through ads. However, E-learning websites have a bright future ahead.

Top Online Business in Pakistan
Top Online Business in Pakistan


  • Sell Websites

You can start this business in two ways either you start your own website from scratch and then sell it on the buying and selling online marketplace. Or the second option is to purchase profitable websites from online marketplaces and sell it to other buyers with your profit margin.

If you start from scratch, all you need is to arrange just a few things and make little investment in website domain and hosting, content writing, digital and content marketing, and search engine optimization. Once you see your website ranking and earning is increasing, go to flippa.com and display your website in front of thousands of buyers. In an auction, buyers will place their bids. If you get a good bid then sell it and make good money.

Top Online Business in Pakistan
Credits: freevaluator.com

  • Software Development

There are multiple companies that are looking for software. You need to find and get in contact with them and develop software for them. Such as a majority of small businesses are managing their accounting work on excel as well as on cracked accounting software which doesn’t fulfill all the reporting requirements. If you have some knowledge about accounting and Software development you can develop software and charge good money against that.

There are multiple examples of software development entrepreneurs. Rehan Allahwala is one of them. Rehan Allahwala the founder and President of Super Technologies Inc., a United States-based software company, providing solutions for the telecom industry.  He is an entrepreneur.

Top Online Business in Pakistan
Top Online Business in Pakistan


Well, there are a number of opportunities even online to start a business. But we lack the knowledge or the information. If we want to do business online we need to do research well in that specific area and grow gradually.

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