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Top 10 apps that every student should have

In this day and age, every student owns a smartphone. But I see that every student has filled their phones with all sorts of junk. However, today in this article I’ll tell you about the top 10 apps that every student should have in their phones.


1. Google Maps

Google has gotten way ahead of everyone. The biggest search engine in the world you name it its Google. So they have the biggest navigation app in the world. Everyone uses Google maps as the days go by it becomes more accurate.

So if you’re someone who doesn’t have a dedicated Google Maps app then you’re missing out on a lot. You can even use the app offline. Just remember to actually save the location and its direction in the app.

Top 10 apps that every student should have
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Consider yourself getting lost, then and there Google maps are to the rescue. Not only will it guide you top your destination but will also tell you distance and approximate time to your destination.

One of the things that I like about Google maps is that it gives you several routes and also tells you which route is the fastest and which can get you delayed.

So I highly recommend that this app be present on your phones at all times. Especially for students.


2. Microsoft Office

You already know what this app is for. But I’ve seen many students without this app. Why? Microsoft is an essential app for not only students but also someone who works.

You don’t need to download the whole thing, you can bifurcate it. For instance, if your work orientation is more towards Microsoft word go for it. Or if you are geared towards excel then have at it.

Top 10 apps that every student should have
Credits “microsoft.com”

But in any case, Microsoft PowerPoint is essential for students. Opening slides to read on the go or learning some kind of presentation. Either way, Microsoft apps are a must for students.


3. Adobe apps

Adobe has one of the most useful apps out there. They have a diverse portfolio of apps to choose from. Abode is really resourceful for everyone and especially students.

Their photoshop app called the Abode Lightroom is the best in the business. Even the standard and free versions are full of features. For instance, being a student I’m always snapping pictures. It might seem like being too self-indulgent but that’s, not the case.

Top 10 apps that every student should have
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Pictures of places or objects and whatnot, all need some kind of editing. It’s been understood that photo editing can only be done from a desktop or a laptop.

Wrong, with Abode Lightroom you can edit your freshly snapped apps on the go. OK, it will not be some world-class editing but being a student I can live with that.

Their video editing app called Abode premier is the bomb. Its full potential can be seen on a computer rather than a smartphone. However, it is as adequate for a student as it can be.

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4. Zedge

Being a student we are always into fancy new things. Always updating our phones and the inner outlook of our phones. That’s where Zedge plays an important role.

Customized ringtones, high-resolution wallpapers and much more all in one app. Nobody today lives on the stock ringtone. It’s all customized to one’s liking. Zedge has one of the coolest 3D wallpapers. But beware they consume a lot of battery.

Top 10 apps that every student should have
Credits “aiseesoft.com”

So if you’re a student I think this is one of the apps that should be on your smartphone. Fun ringtones for call and text messages which will make you stand out.


5. LinkedIn

If you’re in a university or even in your intermediate I would highly recommend that you install LinkedIn. Basically it is an app that lets you make a full proof profile of yourself. To sum it up you’ll be creating a CV for yourself. The work that you have done over the year. Your education and what kind of job are you looking for.

For university students, this app is a must. You all are close to your practical life and what better way than to be prepared for in advance.

Top 10 apps that every student should have
Credits “business.linkedin.com”

LinkedIn is a platform where a person seeking a job and the person looking to hire meet. If you don’t have LinkedIn then I highly suggest you download it and start building your profile ASAP. It’s in your best interest and trust me for future reference this will aid you to secure a good job.




6. Uber/ Careem

Well, these apps are literally self-explanatory by now. If you don’t know about these apps or don’t have them on your phone why even bother?

Please keep both of these apps downloaded and registered on to your phone. These apps should be ready and good to go for use at any time. They are the best transportation apps out there. Just imagine yourself in a tight situation where you don’t have any sort conveyance that’s here these apps play a vital role.

I know what you might be thinking “OH it’s Pakistan you could get kidnapped or whatever!”. Listen here the app has the name of the driver, car registration number plate and color/which type of car all appearing on your phone. You can even share this information with your friends if you have trust issues.

Uber/ Careem gives out regular promotions on rides so if cost wise it can be cheap at times too.

Top 10 apps that every student should have
Credits “arynews.tv”


7. WhatsApp

This messenger app is extremely common. Even your illiterate demographics have it on their smartphones. This app is essential for students in any case.

There is no point in explaining this app to you as I’m sure you’ll already have it on your phones. For those of you who are reading and don’t know about this app 1 minute if silence for you people.

I would only tell you, people, that this is a messenger app that’s all. Rest is a mystery download it and find out.

Top 10 apps that every student should have
Credits “play.google.com”


8. Feedly

Feedly is one of the best Android apps. It neatly organizes all the information and news for you in a single place. Online magazines, blogs, Youtube channels, and more than 40 million feeds are available within this free RSS reader app.

Top 10 apps that every student should have
Credits “appadvice.com”


9. Shazam

This app is for pure music lovers. If you’re not into music you’re welcome to skip this app suggestion.

Have you ever gotten an itch in your head about a certain song that you cannot remember? Well shazam is to the rescue. This app is an awesome song recognition app. It’s simple to use as well. For instance, you’re in a restaurant and a song is playing, instead of asking what is this song just open shazam. Tap on the listen button and after a few seconds of analysis it will spit out the name of the song.

Top 10 apps that every student should have
Credits “shazam.com”

Go to YouTube and enjoy that song.




10. Canva

Want to build yourself a customized image for a project or whatever then download Canva. It is a free app that lets you create your own image with several options linked to creating an image.


Top 10 apps that every student should have
Credits “youtube.com”



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