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Telenor Internet Packages


Telenor is a Pakistani mobile network and internet services provider in Pakistan. It provides a lot of packages and discounts to its users. Like Internet packages(3G/4G), SMS packages and call packages, etc. It is covering more than 39 million users in Pakistan. It is one of the most popular networks in Pakistan.  Telenor users mostly questioned that, what are the internet packages of Telenor?

Telenor Internet Packages
credits: telenor.com

Telenor Daily Internet Packages

  • 4G Daily Bundle in Rs 15. 75MBs. Dial *345*131#.
  • 4G Daily Lite Bundle in  Rs 12. 50MBs. Dial *12#.
  • Telenor Good Time Offer in Rs 6. 200MB + 50MB for Facebook 10,000 On-Net minutes. Dial *345*20#.
  • Telenor Social Pack in Rs 1. 50MB. Dial *5*311#.
  • Telenor Raat Din 3G, 4G Package in  Rs 15. 1.5GB. Dial *150#.

Telenor Internet Packages
credits: thepostpakistan.com

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  • 4G 3 Days Package in Rs 42. 200MBs 200MB + Free 200MB for Facebook 3 Days. Dial *32#.
  • 3 Day All-in-One Offer in Rs 30. 150MB 150 On-net minutes, 15 Off-net minutes, 150 SMS 3 Days. Dial *345*210#.
  • 3 Day Sahulat Offer in Rs 40 50MB internet, 100MB WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter 250 On-net, 25 Off-net minutes, 250 SMS 3 Days. Dial *5*3#.

Telenor Internet Packages
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  • 4G Weekly Unlimited Internet package in Rs 85. 2500MBs. Dial *345*144#.
  • Weekly All-in-One Offer in Rs 160. 4000MB, 150 Telenor minute, Rs 50 for all network calls and SMS 7 Days. Dial *345*88#.
  • 4G Weekly Ultra in Rs 140. 5000MB + 1000MB for GameBox 7 Days. Dial *336#.
  • 4G Weekly Super in Rs 100. 2000MB + 500MB for WhatsApp/GameBox 7 Days. Dial *288#.
  • 4G Weekly Ultra Plus in Rs 225 10GB + 2GB on Goonj App 7 Days, Dial *225#.
  • 4G Weekly Bundle in Rs 75 750MB 7 Days, Dial *72#.
  • Mehran Internet Offer Rs 120 3000MB in Rs 50 balance for calls and SMS 7 Days. Dial *620#.
  • Dhamal Internet Offer in Rs 85 2000MB 7 Days. Dial *812#.
  • Super Dhamal Internet Offer in Rs 150. 5000MB 7 Days. Dial *946#.

Telenor Internet Packages
credits: telenor.com

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  • 4G Monthly Starter Bundle in Rs 250. 4000MB + 4000MB (1 AM – 7 AM) 30 Days. Dial *302#.
  • Monthly Data Offer in Rs 170. 2000MB + 1000MB WhatsApp/Gamebox 30 Days. Dial *301#.
  • 4G Monthly Plus Package in Rs 750. 10,000MB 30 Days. Dial *345*136#.
  • 4G Monthly Package in Rs 500 9000MB 30 Days. Dial *303#.

Telenor Internet Packages
credits: thepostpakistan.com

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  • Internet 100 in Rs 100 + tax. 150MBs 1 Month. Dial *345*481#.
  • Internet 200 in Rs 200 + tax. 300MBs 1 Month. Dial *345*482#.
  • Internet 350 in Rs 350 + tax. 600MBs 1 Month. Dial *345*483#.
  • Internet 600 in Rs 600 + tax. 4000MBs 1 Month. Dial *345*484#.
  • Internet 1000 in Rs 1000 + tax. Unlimited Internet 1 Month. Dial *345*486#.

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