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Tips for purchasing new car in Pakistan

Car is one of the best modes of conveyance. Just like food and shelter, the car is also the basic necessity of life. Some people get a chance to get it from the company from where they work, while some had to purchase. Well purchasing the right car is not an easy task. You need to look at a lot of things. You might have to look at your own budget as well before purchasing the car. In the coming section, we will be discussing some tips for purchasing a new car in Pakistan. Note that we will only be talking about the brand new cars.

Well, purchasing a car entirely depends upon the budget. The more will be the budget, better will be the chance that you will purchase a luxury car. The following are some of the tips.

Calculate your budget

The first step while purchasing the car in Pakistan is to calculate your budget. As the prices of the car are quite high in Pakistan. A good car may cost you around 1 million PKR. So it is better to calculate your budget first.

Look for possible option

When you calculate your budget that you want to spend on the car. The next step is to look for possible options. For example, if your budget is around 1.5 million PKR. You have multiple options. You can purchase a locally manufactured car or you can also go for the imported car. Each of these cars has different benefits.

Focus on your need

After looking at the possible options available for you in the market. Now focus on your need. Like what sort of car do you need. Will it be a premium car or will it be a locally manufactured car. For example, if you are a billionaire you would obviously look for a luxury car. You won’t focus on cheap cars like Mehran, Cultus, or Alto.

Source: Webnu

Select the car

When you had calculated your budget and focused on your need. Now it is time to select the car. This is a time-consuming process. You need to surf a lot over the internet to find your need. Let me make it easy for you. If your budget is 20 lacks PKR, so you have multiple options like. You can go for a Japanese car or you could also look for a locally manufactured good car. Remember you always don’t need to purchase the latest model. Moreover, you can also visit different car dealers to check the prices. The best source to know the price is the internet. Simply open the website of the car company and you can see the price over there.

Source: SBT Japaneses used car

Check Resale value

Once you have selected the car. Now its time to visit the car market and check for the resale price. Or you can also check it on Pakwheels. The car that has more resale value is usually a better option. As the spare parts of such cars are readily available in the market. Moreover, in case if wanted to sell that car, there will be a minimum loss. The car having high resale value can often be sold within a small time frame. You don’t need to struggle a lot while selling that car.

Source: Auto Sulavik

Check the power and functionality

After completing the aforementioned steps. Now it is time to look for the power and functionality of the car. You must check the CC of the car and the cylinder, they maybe 4 or 6 or even 8 cylinders. More the CC and cylinder means more will be the power of the car. Some people prefer price to power, whereas, some prefer power to price. I would say it will entirely be your own choice. After checking the power, now its time to check the functionalities in the car. You can check for power windows and automatic or manual transmission.

Source: Today I found out

Look for the mileage and maintenance cost

When you have checked the power and functionality of the car. Now its time to find the milage of the car. Check on the internet that how much that car can travel within one liter of petrol. You can also ask the dealer about it. Moreover, you should also look for the maintenance cost. You should check whether the spare parts are readily available in the market or is it difficult to find the spare parts. Well, here is a little tip you should go for the car whose spare parts are easily available in the market.

Source: App Groves

Search for discounts

After selecting and doing the research on the car. Now you should look for a discount. You should visit different dealers and ask for the discounted price. Moreover, you can also search for the discount on the internet and on the billboards.

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Don’t rush while purchasing

Another tip that while purchasing the car, don’t rush or be in a hurry. Take your time and take a deep breath and look for as many options you have. If you take the decision in a hurry, there might be a possibility that you would have purchased the wrong car. Therefore, don’t rush while purchasing.

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