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TikTok trends in Pakistan

TikTok is a Chinese video-sharing application. People use it to create talent, lip-sync, and funny videos. It is the 7th most downloaded application for a decade globally. Moreover, it is the world’s most downloaded application on the App Store. The TikTok trends in Pakistan is increasing day by day. According to a survey TikTok is downloaded over 25.5 million times in Pakistan since it is launched.

Source: Forbes

In the coming sections, we will discuss the TikTok trend in Pakistan and will list the Pakistani top 10 most famous personalities on the TikTok.

Popular Tiktok Trends

Famous TikTok Trends

Well, whenever a TikTok star makes a video and posts it. They post with some hashtags(#) which helps the viewers to find their videos easily. As it is easy to search with one word instead of the whole line. When the majority of the Tiktokers make and share a video on the same song or dialogue it becomes a trend. Well, I will be telling you about a few famous trends which you should view on the TikTok.

  1. #camonshow
  2. #Safehumsafeinternet
  3. #Kuchkuch
  4. #OyeOye
  5. #10Yearchallange
  6. #123letsgo
  7. #viral
  8. #wahmusers
  9. #illu

TikTok vogue among Pakistani Youth

We can see that the trend for TikTok is increasing on a daily basis in Pakistan. I assume that most of us have already downloaded this application on our smartphones. We can see a number of videos made by Pakistani’s that are trending nowadays.  Moreover, there are many ways to earn from Tiktok as well. You can go live. The TikTok team also sends gifts to its talented users. In addition to this, some users use TikTok to advertise their businesses like Beauty Parlour, etc.

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We can also observe that the famous TikTokers upload their multiple videos at a times. Their likes and followers are in millions. This can give us a good idea of the trend in Pakistan. Recently, different YouTubers like Shaveer Jaffery and Zaid Ali T also started to make videos on TikTok

Reason for increase in the TikTok mania among Pakistanis

There are a number of reasons for the rise of the Tiktok trend in Pakistan.

  1. As there are very few chances for people to show their talents. The concept of talent shows is rare in Pakistan
  2. Most of the people are jobless, therefore, they make TikTok videos to pass their time.
  3. As it is one the best source for marketing, therefore, people advertise their businesses on the Tiktok.
  4. Some make videos for fun, while some make them for gaining fame.

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Famous TikTok Stars of Pakistan

Jannat Mirza

One of the most talented Tiktoker on the Tiktok. She has more than 5.1 million followers. She often uploads multiple videos on Tiktok in a day. You can also watch her videos by searching @jannatmirza on TikTok. According to a report, She is about to start her debut in Lollywood

Source: dailytimes

Alishba Anjum

Alishba Anjum or simple Lishay is a sister of Jannat Mirza. She is also much talented. Alishba has more than 4.1 million followers on Tiktok. You can also follow her on Tiktok with her username @alishbahanjum.

Source: twitter

Pinky Francis

Another talented Pakistani girl. You can simply follow her on TikTok by searching @pinkyfrancis. Moreover, she has around 2.1 million followers.

Source: Tiktok

Haris Ali

One of my favorite all-time TikTok stars. He has around 2.2 million followers. You can also follow him with his username which is @harrisali_01.

Source: Tiktok

Romaisa Khan

One of the most talented personalities on the Tiktok. She had around 2.0 million followers. You can simply follow her with her username which is @romaisa.khan._ .

Source: Instagram

Mujtaba Lakhni

Mujtaba Lakhni is also a talented star. He has around 2.0 million followers. You can also follow him with his username which is @mujtabalakhani123

Source: Tiktok

Sehar Hayyat

Sehar Hayyat is a tv and a film artist and has around 3.9 million followers. You can also follow her and watch her latest exclusive videos by simply searching @sehar_hayyat on TikTok.

Source: Tiktok

Areeka Haq

She is also one of the most talented Tiktok stars and had over 4.0 million followers. You can find her on TikTok with @areeka__haq username.

Source: Tiktok

Usman Asim

He is also one of the famous, funniest, and talented personalities on Tiktok. Most of his videos are funny. Within a short span of time, he manages to attract 4.0 million followers. You can also follow him on TikTok with his username which is @usmanasim66

Source: Tiktok

Shameel Zahid

He is often called the richest kid of Pakistan. He belongs to a rich family of Faisalabad and gained fame from his astonishing cool cars like Lamborghini. His family is in IT business called Pasban group. On the Tiktok he had more than 1.2 million followers. To follow him check his username in the picture below

Source: Tiktok

Dolly Fashion Icon

Dolly Fashion icon is a model and TikTok star. She also owns a beauty salon in Lahore called Dolly Salon.  She had almost 3.8 million followers on Tiktok. You can also follow her on Tiktok with her username which is @dollyfashionicon

Source: Muzent

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