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Things Not To Do In This Ramadan 2020

First of all Ramadan Mubarak to everyone. This month will be different because of quarantine and coronavirus. Many people already are not feeling the true happiness and joy of Ramadan because there are many restrictions for spending your Ramadan. There are many things that you must have to avoid for spending this Ramadan more effectively. Here is our mushwarah on things not to do in this Ramadan.

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Things Not To Do In This Ramadan:

Ramadan is a month of blessing and you have to try your best to use this quarantine in a good way. It is also an opportunity for many people who wanted to take a break from their daily hectic routine. Without further ado, let’s read about things not do in this Ramadan.

  1. Avoid Overeating:

It is a common mistake many people do. During Iftar and Suhoor, many people try to eat as much as they can but this practice is not good because that’s what Ramadan teaches us. This blessed month teaches us to be patient and understand the pain every poor person went through without food and water. Therefore, whenever you start Suhoor and Iftar remember to avoid overeating. It also prevents you from food poisoning. It’s an honest mushwarah, specially for those who want to spend a healthy life.

  1. Avoid Junk and Oily Food:

In Ramadan, many people love going out in Restaurants after Namaz-e-Tarawih. But it is an unhealthy practice which should be avoided at any cost. Ramadan is not just about fasting all day and eating at night. It’s a practice for developing new good habits and avoiding bad habits. It also promotes a healthy lifestyle. So this Ramadan, avoid junk and oily food and try to eat organic as much as you can. It will also improve your health inshaAllah. Once in a while, eating outside food is not a big problem.

  1. Don’t Go Out:

Do not go outside unnecessary. Don’t bring any oily products like samosa and pakoras from outside.  You can make all these items at home as well. Avoid going out as much as you can. In this way, you will stay hydrated and can save yourself from coronavirus as there are a lot of chances that this disease will spread more. So, Ramadan in quarantine is an opportunity and blessing for spending more time at home and doing things that matter most.

  1. Avoid Shopping:

During the last and second last week of Ramadan people start shopping for new Eid clothes and some other daily usage products. But this Ramadan, it is our mushwarah to say no to shopping and stay at home. An Eid without new clothes and gathering is not a problem but Eid without you with your family is one. So, avoid going out shopping but if it is necessary don’t forget to follow our tips before going out for grocery shopping only.

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  1. Avoid Missing Salah:

Because of coronavirus now people can’t visit Mosque for offering prayers. This doesn’t mean that now you don’t have to offer Salah. So, try your best to not miss any salah and try to make it your habit. For Salah, you can offer it at your home with your family in Congregational. Because of online digital media, there are many other opportunities also. You can also offer Tarawih by listening and following the imam on Tv or on mobile devices.

These are the important things not to do in this Ramadan. Give your recommendation in a comment section below. We love to hear from you and don’t forget to follow our YouTube Channel Mushwarah.pk


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