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Things Not To Do In Self Quarantine

Are you spending a good time in self-quarantine? If YES then how? Are you doing something which will help you out in your future? NO? Then stop doing things that are not beneficial for you. Here we are back with our mushwarah on things not to do in quarantine.

Things Not To Do In Self Quarantine:

Sometimes we keep doing wrong things in our life without actually knowing what we are doing and whether this thing is good for us or not. The same thing might be happening in this quarantine. Worry not, these are the things not to do in quarantine.

Don’t Stay Unclean:

Why we are all in Quarantine? Because of this Coronavirus. Righ! So, the main source of coronavirus is your hands. If you are an unhygienic person then there are 90% chances that you will get affected by this virus. Our religion Islam also focuses on cleanness. Therefore, stay clean and stay safe. Use hand sanitizer and take a bath.

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Don’t Sit Idle:

After the lockdown, many people are sitting idle as they have nothing to do. So, in this situation, you have to find things which will help you and prevent you from sitting idle. Once you start loving being idle you will become a lazy person. So the best way to not sit idle is to do exercise. In this way, you will stay active and healthy. Besides this, you can try new things which you never did in your life before.

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Don’t Eat Unhealthy:

Don’t eat unhealthy food. After the lockdown, many people are ordering pizza and other junk foods in their houses. It’s an unhealthy practice. Try to eat those fruits and vegetables which can make your immune system strong. This junk food in quartine will make you fat lazy and obese. So, say no to junk food and eat healthy.

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Avoid Isolation:

Don’t let this lockdown and self-quarantine to depress you. Don’t sit in isolation. Spend some time with your friends. Now spending time at home is not difficult. You can contact your friends on the phone through a video or audio call. You can also play online games with them and also you can play indoor games with your siblings.

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Don’t Waste Time:


Doing nothing will waste your time. So don’t waste time and learn something new. You can learn from other peoples, therefore, read books and watch movies about them. If you want to change something in you read self-help books. If you want to be a great entrepreneur then start reading about business help books. These activities will give you the best return.

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These are the things not to do in self-quarantine. If you know any other unhealthy activity comment below and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel Mushwarah.pk

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