If you are craving Chinese food then do visit The Rice Bowl at Fashion Avenue, Opp. Mall One, Block D-1, Gulberg III, Lahore. I assure you if you taste it once you will crave it till forever and you won’t regret agreeing with my review.

The Rice Bowl restaurant was one of the first restaurants in Pakistan to introduce the single-serving bowl system. Due to this system, this restaurant serving Chinese food became popular with students, friends, and families.

Visit to “The Rice Bowl”

Long story short, the Rice Bowl is located at Lahore’s hottest hang-out spots so we had a chance to visit it in the evening. The restaurant has indoor and outdoor seating options. We had to wait to get indoor sitting due to the busy season and the fact that it has a small sitting area. Unlike other Chinese dine outs, we found its menu simple, precise and delicious. We had a choice to choose from the standard, deluxe or premium bowls, each offering one of two side dishes; noodles or rice.

You can have one portion of rice/noodles with gravy on the top. You can also get half n half bowl of rice, noodles, and gravy of your choice. They have a variety of gravies such as sweet and sour chicken, garlic chicken, chicken cashew nuts, red dragon fire gravy and so on. Moreover, you also get varieties of meat. They have fish, chicken, and beef. Now they’ve added a selected range of sushi which is also mouth-watering.

Know its menu: Ricebowlpk

The quantity of food in this relatively affordable restaurant is enough to fulfill a Lahori foodie. I am not a big fan of Chinese food but I must say, it was the delicious Chinese food I ever had in Lahore. I overall was quite impressed with my experience in “The rice bowl”.

Did you notice these things in The rice bowl ?
Credits: ricebowlpk

Ambiance And Staff

The restaurant has focused keenly upon all the elements of the ambiance and generated a clean and simple ambiance. They offer a comfortable environment with good quality of lights. The restaurant is small but well managed and arranged.

The rice bowl has professional service providers, the staff and management itself. The servers are polite, Quick and offers comprehensive details on each item on the menu, upon our request.

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Why some of you won’t you like it?

If you are a fan of hi-fi dine outs then you might not prefer this restaurant. Plus, if you want some privacy or private conversations you might disregard it intentionally. They remain in the circle of what they know, this is the reason that they don’t offer dessert. If you like dessert after food then this place is not for you.




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