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The most popular and cheap Hi-Tea spot in Lahore

Here are the most popular and cheap Hi-Tea spot in Lahore

Food plays an important role in the development of human life. It doesn’t only helps in the physical development of a living organism but also enhances the mental and intellectual abilities of the living organism. Apart from that food now a day is also considered as the best source of entertainment, not only for couples but also for families, people usually hang out on the weekends with their beloved ones and enjoy. Being a ‘Lahori’ we are famous for food. It is usually said, ‘Jinne Lahore nai wekhya, Jamya hi Nahi’ (Those who have never seen Lahore hasn’t born). The reason behind this phrase is that the Lahore was the hub of diverse culture and food. Well cutting the long story short. Let us come to our point of concern. The following are some of the famous,  cheap and the best spots of Hi-Tea in Lahore.

1. Spice Bazar

One of the famous restaurants in Lahore situated at the famous MM Alam Road in Lahore which is considered as the hub of Foodies. The cost of Hi-tea is not that high, it’s only 895 plus Tax. Furthermore, it contains more than 50 Dishes including a variety of sweet dishes, desi style food, and fast food.

2. Nan Bun Paneer Ristoranté

One of the marvelous restaurants and is one of the cheapest as well which is located opposite Gaddafi Stadium. The restaurant consists of a variety of Thai food along with the Asian fusion and Desi Tarka. The average price of the Hi-tea is around 895 + Tax.

3. Daar Cheeni

Daar Cheeni is located at Maulana Shaukat Ali Road, Kot LakhPat. This is a pretty cheap restaurant it does contain a variety of dishes including Chinese, Seafood along with the fusion of desi dishes. The price of Hi-Tea is only 745 exclusive of all taxes.

4. Veranda Bistro

Veranda Bistro a famous and continental restaurant, which is situated at Sir Syed Block, Gulberg II, Lahore. The aforementioned spot consists of multiple dishes ranging from continental to desi style dishes. The fare is Rupees 1050 + Tax. No one can miss their chocolate soup that warms up the internal soul.

5. English Tea House

The astonishing restaurant located at Z block DHA, includes a variety of sweet and savory food. The price is a bit high which is around 1500 Rupees inclusive Tax. However, the restaurant offers startle experience and also offers Gluten-free food for those who are diet conscious. Moreover, the restaurant also offers platters to its customers.

6. Café Barbera

This restaurant is located near Hussain Chowk, Liberty which is a famous spot for entertainment in Lahore. This hotel also serves its famous two-person platter which is 999 Rupees. The customers can also order as per their taste.

7. X2 Café

One of the famous restaurants located at Gulberg which contain a variety of foods ranging from desserts to Sea-food to Thai and Pan-Asian foods. The fare of Hi-Tea Buffet is Rupees 1154 exclusive Tax. It offers a great dine-in experience.

8. TABAQ Resturant

Tabaq is still considered as one of the most famous and oldest restaurants for Hi-Tea. It provides a variety of dishes to its customers along with the best dine-in experience.  It is located at multiple places including MM.Alam Road and Mall Road. The fare is 750 exclusive of all taxes.

9. City Café & Grill

City Café and grill is located at DHA Phase 5. It is a continental restaurant that offers its customers with exciting experience of food along with the entertainment. The restaurant offers different types of food including Pizza, Chinese, Continental, Thai, and Pan-Asian. It also offers one of the best environments for its dine-in customer. The fare is Rupees 795 exclusive of all taxes.

10. East – Chinese & Thai

This restaurant is best for the lovers of Chinese, Thai, and Seafood. It offers a variety of food for its customers and the taste is genuine. The restaurant is located at College Road, Gulberg II. It serves a plethora of dishes to its customers at Rupees 895 exclusive of all taxes.

11. Billy Bunter’s

Billy Bunter’s is located at DHA Phase 4 in Sector CC. This restaurant offers American, Arabian, Fast Food and Italian food to its customers. The environment is soul-warming and the price for Hi-Tea is also favorable which is Rupees 1199 exclusive of all taxes. It offers one of the best dine-in experiences to its customers. The combination of food and songs adds more taste to the food.

12. Salt & Pepper Village

One of the oldest and most known restaurants for Buffet is operating since 1992. It is located at the famous MM Alam Street and provides a plethora of dishes to its customers. The menu contains mouthwatering dishes and offers Pakistani, Arabian, Continental, Fast food and Desserts to its customers in only Rupees 890 Plus tax.

13. La Atrium Restaurant

This restaurant offers the most exciting experience in the food. The combination of food along with light music enhances the appetite of the customers. It offers continental, Pakistani, Thai and Italian dishes in just Rupees 830 exclusive of all taxes.

14. Bombay Gardens

If a person wants to enjoy the outdoor environment along with the food, The best solution is Bombay Gardens, which offers its customer with Pakistani and Continental food. The overall price for the Hi-Tea is 850 plus Tax.

15. Freedy’s Café

Freedy’s Café is one of the pioneers in Hi-Tea. It provides the best quality taste to its customers. Along with American, Continental, and Fast food it also has a variety of Desserts. It is located at MM Alam Road and the Hi-Tea fare is only Rupees 1150 Plus Tax.

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