Abey KHAO is not just a phrase, it is an emotion. Well, this phrase is used by young entrepreneurs to name a start-up cafe in Islamabad. Abey KHAO menu have a variety of items. It aims to break the communication barriers between Deaf and Hearing communities by promoting Sign Language. In other words, Abey KHAO is a success story of differently-abled young entrepreneurs. All the employers here have a different level of hearing problem.

 “Deafness is a cultural identity, merely not a matter of hearing loss”, Printed upon the wall poster at Abey KHAO.

Sheikh Faizan Raza started off Abey KHAO, along with his siblings Syed Jawad Raza and Ayesha Raza initially as a Pushcart but later turned it into a full-fledged business, which recently got featured by BBC. Except for Ayesha, all four family members have hearing issues. Her father is deaf and her mother is hard of hearing. Furthermore, her two brothers are also hard of hearing.

Abey KHAO! started on July 2016, in the form of a pushcart. Unfortunately, government-imposed restrictions upon the pushcart forced them to close the business. Their business remained closed for 6 months but in spite of all this, they did not lose hope. After these tough six months, they together came back strongly. They were with higher energy and dedication and opened a small shop in I-8.


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Story of "Abey KHAO"
Credits: nation.com.pk


There Business Inspiration

Their father has a small business of tailoring. There he mostly hires deaf peoples. Getting inspired by their father they thought of starting another business to provide more opportunities for Unemployed Pakistani Youth. The disability did not become a hindrance rather a driving force. However, they turned their disability into an ability to provide empowering opportunities to other differently-abled youth. Now, they are providing employment opportunities to other differently-abled people throughout the city and unemployed youth too.

Benefits Of This Initiative

We all are well aware of our society, we won’t prefer any deaf person to have control of our business or any department of our business. Because to us, that person is disabled. Well, this initiative will help our society to believe that they are not disabled rather they are differently-abled people.

According to the Pakistan board of statistics, there are 3,286,630 deaf/mute people in Pakistan out of which only 28230 are enrolled in school. This means that only 0.9% of deaf students are enrolled in school and getting an education. This is a big challenge that they face low-quality education due to which they are unable to read or write properly.

The sign language cafe can help to decrease the differences among hearing and non-hearing community. Also, this would help to minimize the language barrier among people.

Furthermore, this would help people to generate more ideas relating to minimizing the barrier. This will gradually provide opportunities for deaf/mute people to get empowered.


Expansion Plan

Abey KHAO plans to expand throughout the country. Basically, to create more employment opportunities for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Youth. They want expansion not because they want more sales rather they want to change the social perspective of communication between Deaf/Hard of hearing and Hearing Communities in Pakistan.

They want to spread love through food all over the country.


Abey KHAO Menu

Well, Abey KHAO deals in burgers, snacks, desserts, fries, and beverages. They have a number of burgers on their list. In fries, they provide five. Plain fries, masala fries, Chutney fries, Mayo garlic fries, and spicy oregano. In the beverage category, Abey KHAO has Oreo Frappuccino, Cold Coffee, Death By Brownie Milkshake, Fizzy drinks and Mineral Water.

Their menu doesn’t end here. They also have sandwiches in their menu list and Grilled cheese sandwich, and chicken sandwich lies under this category. They will also offer tornado potato if you visit their place.


Story of "Abey KHAO"
Credits: Abey KHAO


Pakistan’s first and only sign language cafe “Abey Khao” is located in the Mughal market of I-8/1 Islamabad. They Own a kiosk in a small market. Islamabad is a Capital of Pakistan that is considered as one of the most Beautiful Capitals in the world. Even they were not located at the finest location of Islamabad, their startup was featured by BBC World.

Story of "Abey KHAO"
Story of “Abey KHAO”

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