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Steps To Become A Successful Youtube Vlogger

Start Vlogging on Youtube

First of all, the question is that What is vlog? Vlog stands for a (video log or video blog) that contains video content. Vlogging (short for “video blogging”) is the daily practice of capturing and sharing vlogs characteristically. Vloggers can earn money directly from YouTuber. So the question is;

How to become a Vlogger on Youtube
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How to become a vlogger on Youtube?

I will tell you the steps to become a good vlogger. The steps are following;


1. Start With a Good Vlogging Camera

You can start off with any device that has the ability to record a video such as a smartphone, tablet or the webcam of your laptop. However, you start with a good camera. People are more like to subscribe to your YouTuber channel that has high-quality videos. No one does not enjoy watching bad quality videos and others don’t either. By buying a good vlogging camera you will have high definition video quality, good audio quality, and image stabilization. To find the perfect vlogging camera for your needs and budget visit Best Vlogging Cameras.

How to become a Vlogger on Youtube
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2. Create a YouTube Channel

If you have a good vlogging camera then, you need a place to publish your videos. Youtube is currently the most popular website for vloggers so I recommend you make an account there. To start creating your YouTube vlogging channel, Link is given below; https://www.youtube.com/create_channel

How to become a Vlogger on Youtube
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3. Create Content 

If you have a good vlogging camera and a youtube channel to upload your vlog then, it’s time to actually start vlogging. Firstly create the content of your vlog. People watch your vlogs due to good content. If your vlog’s content will not be good then, people will never watch your vlogs. So, Content is the most important step of vlogging.

How to become a Vlogger on Youtube
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4. Shoot a Vlog

After creating the content of vlog, shoot your vlog. It is the most necessary or important step of vlogging. When you shoot a vlog, focus on these things;

  • Audio Quality
  • Good lighting
  • Interact with your audience
  • Feel relax and Good face impression.

How to become a Vlogger on Youtube
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5. Edit Your Vlog

To make your vlog more professional you should edit the videos you have recorded. There are a lot of free and paid editing tools. If you have an Apple computer you can use iMovie and if you have a windows computer you can use Windows Live Movie Maker or adobe versions. Luckily there are plenty of tutorials online on youtube, to learn how to use this software. The best or easy tool for vlog editing is filmoraGo latest version.

How to become a Vlogger on Youtube
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6. Upload Your Vlog to YouTube

If your video is done then it’s time to upload it to youtube. Navigate to YouTube and click on the “upload button” on the top right corner. YouTube will navigate you from here. Pick a good title for your vlog and don’t forget to fill out the description and tags so more people can find the vlog.

How to become a Vlogger on Youtube
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7. Promote Your Videos

Now that your vlog is on youtube you should promote it so more people will watch your videos. The easiest way to do this is on social media. Share your vlogs on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social networks you’re active on.

How to become a Vlogger on Youtube
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8. Keep Going!

Your first video will not have thousands of views but don’t stop you. Set a time table for you to upload new vlogs and stick with that schedule. You must contact with other YouTubers, bloggers, and people on social media. And maybe do some collaborations with others.  By following this way your youtube channel will grow faster.

How to become a Vlogger on Youtube
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9. Monetize

Once your subscriber base grows and you start getting more views it’s time to earn some money from your vlogs. Apply for the Youtube membership. Then, you can start earning money off ads shown before or during your videos.

How to become a Vlogger on Youtube
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10. Beware

Don’t copy videos or songs from other YouTubers. Youtube will ban your youtube channel due to a Copywrite strike.

How to become a Vlogger on Youtube
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Good Luck!

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