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Start Speaking in Your Class

All of us have faced the fear of speaking in class. A few of us have overcome their fears but there are many who still hesitate to speak up their point in the class. If you are one of those who still hesitate to say their point, then this article is for you.


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Start Speaking In Your Class


Speak up to Communicate:

We speak up to communicate and share our opinions in the class. Here, usually, the students feel shy or have less confidence to share their reviews. There can be several reasons for this. One of them is language. The students feel that they need to speak in English and use difficult words while speaking up. That’s not true. We need to know that language is just a medium of communication and our main target remains to communicate with others with the help of the language. If you are comfortable speaking in Urdu then go-ahead with it. Share your thoughts in Urdu and you should be proud of the fact that you are speaking in your national language. Developed nations have developed because they value their culture, norms, and value. Therefore, we should promote our values, culture, norms, and customs.


Start Speaking In Your Class

When you get enough confidence to speak up in class then try to speak in English. Just make sure that you never give up! Anybody can speak in English when they know what they really want to communicate. So, speak up to communicate.


Have the Courage to Disagree:

After getting the confidence to speak up in the class, be comfortable to speak up when you do not agree with any point. You will get this courage when you have believed in yourself. So, believe in yourself.


Start Speaking In Your Class

Apart from this, do not fear and get hesitated if anyone laughs at you. Else, it would affect your inner peace and de-motivate you. Only remember the fact that you are there in the class to learn and that’s what you are doing in the class. Speaking up in the class helps the students to learn effectively and efficiently.



Start Speaking In Your Class

Some Special Tips for You:

  1. Have a good social circle around you. The friends help you to build your confidence. Let me tell you a secret, keep a distance from the people who discourage you, even if they are your own friends.
  2. Keep a pen in your hand while speaking, it somehow keeps you calm.
  3. When you are standing behind the podium, try to make eye contact with your friends sitting in the classroom. It really helps to speak fluently.
  4. Do practice at home when you need to present in another language. Do not rush but stay calm and know what you are speaking. Always remember that everybody becomes nervous when they face the gathering but they keep their nerves calm and stay focused on what they want to communicate.
  5. Encourage others to speak up too. It will ultimately influence you to take part in classroom discussions.
  6. Talk to yourself! While talking to yourself, record your voice and hear it later. You will get to know at which point you need to improve yourself.

Start Speaking In Your Class


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