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Spending time in quarantine at home

All you need to know about Quarantine and Coronavirus

Spending time in quarantine at home is really a difficult task especially for working males and females and it could especially be challenging. However, currently, we can see that almost the whole world is locked down. The reason behind the lock-down is Coronavirus or Covid-19. Covid-19 is a deadly disease that can transmit from person to person. In severe cases, the patient could expire. The death rate of this deadly disease is not too high, however, there is no vaccine available in the market that’s why this pandemic could prove fatal.

Reason for quarantine

Quarantine is a word that means to restrict the movement to avoid the spreading of a pandemic. As mentioned earlier that Coronavirus could be transmitted from person to person through direct or indirect contact. As mentioned earlier that there are no vaccines and medication available in the market therefore the best way to protect oneself from getting attacked by this virus is to isolate your self in the home. The doctors also recommend us to stay home even if we have common flu. The human body already has low immunity during flu, so the attack of this virus could prove fatal. In addition to this, an infected person can also infect others. Therefore, it is compulsory for him to quarantine himself.

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How to quarantine yourself at home

To quarantine yourself at home you need to do the following things

  1. Purchase the grocery for your home once for at least two months.
  2. Restrict your movement within the home, try to stay in a single room.
  3. Use facemask while at home.
  4. Use facemask and gloves while going outside.
  5. Avoid direct contact with others at the home.
  6. Avoid going outside to meet friends.
  7. Keep the distance of almost 6 feet from others.
  8. Stop going to public places like markets, parks, and other amusement areas.
  9. Avoid going to families and friends at their homes.
  10. Keeping constant contact with others over the phone.
  11. Sleep in different rooms

Activities you could do while at home

The following are the activities you could do to entertain yourself and others at the home

Spend your time while praying

While at home and free, we must spend our time reading the Quran and praying to God. Coronavirus is a curse from God, so we must keep on praying for forgiveness from God and must ask for kindness upon humanity.

Spending time while cleaning

We can also spend time at home while cleaning and disinfecting different places like door handles, floors, and toilets. We can clean our house and car during spare time at home. This would ultimately disinfect our houses and there will be minimal chances of getting exposed to this deadly disease.


Surfing on the internet

During free time we can surf the internet and read the news. We can also use Facebook and other social media website to contact our friends. In this way, we can pass our time leisurely without getting bored.

Watching TV

Watching Television is one of the best spare time activities. We can get to know about the current affairs from the news, in addition to this, we can also watch any drama serial. it is although a waste of time, however, to pass time in this situation is compulsory

Talking to friends and family over the phone

The cell phone is one of the best sources of entertainment. We can talk to others over the phone. This would keep us in contact with our loved ones and it could also help us to keep ourselves more isolate, as if we talk to them on phone there will be very little chance for them to coming home. Moreover, modern technology also enables us to do video chat. If we are missing someone a lot we can do video chat as well.

Teaching & Playing with kids

This isolation is one of the best times for teaching kids different skills. For example, we can teach our kids a way to clean homes. In addition to this, mothers can teach their girls the art of cooking. Similarly, fathers can also teach their children about their subjects. In leisure time, the parents can play with their children. In this way, parents can be more attached to children and their children will also not ask their parents to go outside.

Listening to music and can also learn any musical instrument. 

In our spare time, we can also listen to our favorite music. Moreover, if we have a love for the music we can also learn any musical instrument like guitar, piano, flute, and violin. In this way, we can easily pass our time.

Read books

Some people love to read books. It is one of the best pastimes for them. We can also pass our time while reading some books. We can read books regarding Islam, History or any science fiction.

Play home-based games 

We can also play games with our family members. These games might include Ludo, Cards, UNO, Carremboard or Puzzle. Youngsters can play games on the computer or through the console. This can easily pass their time.

Exercise at home

Exercise is one of the main activity that everyone should do, as it increases the immunity in the body. In addition to this, if we stay at home to keep ourselves physically and mentally fit we should do regular exercise. We can search for different home-based exercises on youtube.

Reading World History

Reading World history is usually considered as boring, but to pass the time during being quarantined, this activity could be fun. We may enhance our knowledge regarding the history of the world and civilization. We can also watch documentaries on different channels to pass our time in a meaningful way.


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