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Smoking: Effects and Curbs

Smoking generally is the act of taking in the smoke from Cigarettes, Cigar, Hookah or Shesha into the lungs and after that emitting it into the air. It has profound effects on the human body and to Curb it is important for a safe and healthy life. By healthy life, we mean by the sound body in a sound mind.

There are multiple reasons that a person starts to smokes. Some start smoking at an early age just by looking at others assume themselves as cool. From childhood, our parents always taught us not to smoke as it is a bad habit.

Types of Smokers

Smokers based on their social habits are divided into multiple types. They include Casual Smokers, Chain smokers, Sneaky smokers, and Stressed out smokers. We will discuss each type one by one in the coming section.

Casual Smokers

They are not termed as regular smokers. As they don’t have the urge to smoke all the time, however, they often smoke with their friends or in the gathering. They can quit their habit easily and are also called on and off smokers.

Chain smokers

Chain Smokers are constant smokers. They keep on smoking throughout the day and may even smoke up to 50 cigarettes a day. They, however, face difficulty to quit smoking and can seriously be stressed-out if they are short of cigarettes.

Sneaky Smokers

Sneaky smokers are those who smoke under the cover. They don’t smoke publically. Moreover, Sneaky Smokers mostly includes college students. This sneaky habit can lead them to end up a chain smoker.

Stressed-out Smoker

Stressed-out smokers only smoke when they are under some kind of tension. They may be tensed due to their job or relations. It is reported that college students start to smoke more whenever their results are about to be released.

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Smoking and its effects

Effects of the smoking are divided into two broad terms the first one is Health effect and the second is Social Effects.

Health Effects

Smoking a cigarette has profound effects on human health. It harms almost all organs including heart, kidney, lungs, and liver. According to statistics in US 1 in every 5 deaths are the result of smoking. Smoking is also the leading cause of lung cancer and liver cancer. According to medical research, smoking is also the cause of diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, cataracts, and muscular degeneration. The pregnant mother who smokes can have sudden infant death syndrome, in which the mother has to can face multiple miscarriages. Furthermore, smokers are at higher risk of getting lung disorders like Asthama, bronchitis, and pneumonia.

There is another term in smoking known as second-hand smoking. In second-hand smoking, the person is intaking the smoke from another person who is releasing it. It is as harmful as regular smoking. Second-hand smokers could have the risk of getting an ear infection, colds, bronchitis, and pneumonia

Social Effects

Just as smoking has a bad effect on the human body and mind. It also has the worst social effects. The following are some of the social effects of smoking.

  • Smoking publicly can affect other health.
  •  It can cause an increment in air pollution.
  • The percentage of second-hand smokers can be increased.
  • As mentioned that smoking could lead to death in this case families can be ruined or they may even end up in social ills like theft, murder, etc.
  • Smoking can also cause you financial issues as you will keep on spending a huge amount of money on buying cigarettes

How can one Curb smoking habit?

To curb this habit is one of the most difficult and troublesome tasks. With the passage of time, the habit of intaking nicotine becomes a need for the body. If a chain smoker doesn’t smoke for a long period of time his head will start paining and similarly, he could also feel dizziness. Many people try to quit smoking but unfortunately, after some months, they start it again. Smoking can only be curbed when a person bears a will to do so. Following are some of the ways you could adopt if you wanted to quit smoking

  • First of all, You have to strengthen your will, you can read the drawback and health effects of smoking. It will enhance your strength and will increase your inner power.
  • Calculate your daily spending on the cigarette and multiple that number with 365 you will get the total amount you have spent on a cigarette in the whole year. For instance, we will take the example of Dunhill cigarettes. The pack is around 280 PKR so if you daily consume 1 whole pack you will spend 102,200 PKR which is a huge amount.
  • Always keep your cigarette case empty.
  • If you are a father or a son, think about your family first.
  • Start another activity like exercise, jogging or sports.
  • Eat lot of fruits and vegetable, it will keep your mind fresh.
  • Think about how much you save if you skip smoking.

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