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Sirimiri Productions Ready To Present ‘A Ritual Of Blood’

Sirimiri Productions

So recently, the internet witnessed a new hype of a ‘horror’ play in town. Theatre in Pakistan has seen a variety of experiments in the recent past. Popular production houses and renowned theatre groups have presented murder mysteries, thrillers, rom-coms, and other stuff all over Pakistan. And then there is this production house called Sirimiri Productions from Lahore which has just announced something much more interesting for the regular audience of theatre and art-lovers. They claim to present a ‘horror’ play named“A Ritual of Blood”.

Sirimiri Productions Ready To Present 'A Ritual Of Blood'
Credits: facebook.com

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A Ritual of Blood:

A bold and interesting claim that these youngsters are making about this production is that it’s Pakistan’s first horror play, which is somehow justified. Many people out there believe “Dracula” performed by Happy Owl Productions was a horror play. The critics, however, disagree upon this popular notion. They say that Bram Stoker’s “Dracula”is a Gothic story and its stage adaptation was essential for a thriller than that of horror. How true is Sirimiri Productions’ claim remains yet to be known. Another interesting fact about “A Ritual of Blood” is that it’s an original script, and Sirimiri Productions prize this quality of performing original scripts as an individual one in the market.

Sirimiri Productions Ready To Present 'A Ritual Of Blood'
Credits: facebook.com

And I believe they deserve this individual identity for all their previous plays have been original scripts including “Yeh Shara-e-Aam Nahi”, “Khamosh” or “Yeh Ishq Nahi Asaa’n”. So, what to expect from this play?

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Meet the Team of Sirimiri Production:

We talked to the director of the play, Mr. Habib CH, and the only thing he revealed was that the story is based on the backdrop of a war. He refused to disclose it any further. Anyhow, he told us graciously about his cast and crew. The directorial team includes Mr. Habib CH, Ms. Jabeen and Mr. Afaq Imran. Furthermore, the cast of this play is comprised of graduates from different institutions of Lahore but mainly GCU and NCA.

Sirimiri Productions Ready To Present 'A Ritual Of Blood'
Credits: facebook.com

They include Afaq Imran, Dawood Khan, Danial Asad, Ali Nawaz, Syed Mustafa, Tuba Nawaz, Yusra Irfan, and Mian Waseem. The Production Head of this play is Mr. Aqil Aslam accompanied by his wife, Ms. Izza who is mainly handling the graphics of this play. The partner for Rehearsals is Mr. Saqib Mubin.

He further revealed that considering the scale, the syntax and the magnitude of this production, Lahore Arts Council has graciously collaborated with Sirimiri Productions. Lastly, he gave the clue that this play will strike the most sublime of human emotions i.e. pain and fear. So, all in all, it seems a promising play and possibly, a milestone for theatre aspirants (if successful).

Let’s wait for the 9th and 10th of December when the horror would strike the people of Lahore. Fingers crossed!

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