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Should you get you hands wet by online shopping in Pakistan?

One of the biggest and rapid growth that we have seen in Pakistan is online shopping. It is growing at an insane rate. Every individual who runs a business, they all are shifting it online.

Think of the clothing industry. Every person who used to have small shacks in each and corner of Pakistan all have turned towards online shopping. They are fully utilizing this platform for their source of income.

But while it may have created a ton of jobs for the population, online shopping is of no good in Pakistan

Not reached Maturity

Although you’ll see online shopping gone to the next level in Pakistan. The level of fraud has also reached its pinnacle. I mean the amount of fraudulent behavior that is experienced by people in day to day online shopping is countless.

Take for example a famous product by a certain company. When they reached the maturity life cycle they are nothing but cash cows for the company. But in order for them to reach that stage, it should viable enough.

Here, in this case, online shopping is not viable at all. This platform is so sensitive that it takes a significant amount of time to reach maturity. Thus, people start trusting this manifesto.



Daraz has been the central hub of online shopping in Pakistan. Vendors from all over Pakistan register their products for sale at this website. Basically, Daraz connects the buyer and seller. Becoming a middle ground for them.


Daraz online shopping

The biggest flaw with Daraz is that they don’t have a check and balance with the vendors. Consequently, people start to sell fake stuff online.

Refund/Exchange Policy

In order for Daraz to be on the good side of their customers, they highlighted their key selling point which an efficient exchange/refund policy. They give exchange or redemption forms with every parcel they send.

The problem here is that their customer service is extremely poor. It took me more than a month for them to listen to me. Some times they don’t even respond.

Facebook Live Shopping

Now there is a growing trend on Facebook where people go live to sell products. A live visual display of the products that you want. The procedure is simple. Take the screenshot of the item you like. Send your info with the screenshot to the person selling them. Get confirmation.

However, you’re still stuck in that same hole. You’ll order something different and you’ll get the opposite.


Facebook Live


A known acquaintance was telling about his incident with this Facebook live. He told me that he order a pair of sneakers from a live Facebook feed. When it arrived they were a plain old slip on.

He described his outrage towards this whole thing. The most infuriating aspect about this is that when you go to confront them via Facebook messenger they block you straight. They tape you up and move on with their fraudulent behavior.


My Personal Experience

I have faced the most pathetic service when it comes to online shopping. Once I ordered a T-shirt of some website. The reviews are written were great. I gave them a chance. What comes in the parcel is a torn T-Shirt.

When I confronted the seller on call, he accused me that I was fooling him. And that all of his products standout. They have no flaw. Even though I picture proved him. Still, he was adamant that I had done wrong.

From there on out, I never ever touched online shopping again. Period!



Comparing online shopping to real-time shopping. I’m sure that everyone would agree with me when I say shopping in real time is more fun, you’re satisfied and your overall experience turns out great.

A Road Trip To Northern Areas During Eid Holidays? Think Again


Going to a mall or an outlet to shop for yourself has its own enjoyment. You get to socialize and actually try out stuff before you buy them. Shopping for clothes when going to malls cannot be compared to shopping for them online.

Maybe there are vendors who are honest in their work and give original stuff online. But once a certain platform is branded negatively there’s no going back from that.


Should you try online shopping?

My first and perhaps the last response would be NO. No, you shouldn’t. Online shopping in Pakistan is a total rip off. I would honestly say make time and go to malls or outlets and shop there.

If you want to take a risk and through your hard earned money down the drain then, by all means, go ahead. But if you’re someone like me who actually searches and is careful with his purchases then do the right thing.

Go to your favorite shops or malls and buy with full satisfaction. And maybe later have a nice launch or dinner while you’re at it. It will be a day well spend. I’ll bet on it!


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