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Serving others during lock-down in Pakistan

With the outbreak of COVID-19 or Coronavirus from Wuhan China. It is now available in more than 200 countries. This situation is very crucial. This deadly disease spreads from person to person and is highly contagious. In severe cases, patients can also die. As this is a  new viral disease, vaccines are not yet available in the market. According to research, it may take up to 12 months to develop a vaccine. Lock-down in Pakistan is one of the most crucial stages, As Pakistan is not a developed country it required a lot of support in this lock-down from everyone. Serving others during lock-down in Pakistan is compulsory and one of the most difficult tasks.

 Signs and Symptoms

We will be summarizing the signs and symptoms in this section. The following are some of the signs and symptoms that the patients infected from coronavirus faces.

  • Dry cough with breathing difficulty
  • Common cold and flu
  • High-grade fever
  • Signs of pneumonia
  • Sore throat or throat infection

Sneez, Cough, Fever and ill

Protective measures you should adopt

As mentioned earlier that no vaccine is available in the market. For now, all you have to do is to adopt certain protective measures to avoid exposure to the virus. Here are some of the protective measures you can adopt. For more detail, you can read our other article ‘Tackling the Corona Issue

  • Use Face mask
  • Use latex or plastic gloves while going out in the public
  • Take care of personal hygiene
  • Always take a hand sanitizer with you if you are going outside.
  • Avoid going out in the public for no reason.
  • Keep your place clean and disinfected
  • Disinfect your home using any disinfectant.
  • Keep the distance of almost 6 feet from others. The term social distance strengthen

Protective measures adopted by the Government

Pakistan is already in a crucial situation. We are not a developed nation rather we are developing. The economical situation in Pakistan is also not soo good. The corruption is rampant in almost every society. To fight the Coronaissue for such a nation where literacy rate is low is very difficult. Although the government has introduced certain measures to fight the Coronavirus. The following are some of the protective measures.

  • Partial to complete lock-down across the country.
  • All operational private and governmental offices are currently suspended.
  • Schools and colleges are currently non-operational.
  • All kinds of businesses except retail and pharmacies are also suspended.
  • All flight operations are currently suspended.

Credits: Ch Mubarak Ali

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Effect on the society and economical condition of Pakistan due to lockdown

As mentioned earlier that Pakistan is already an unstable country. Corruption and malpractices are rampant in every department. Our country, Pakistan, is a developing country and she needed a lot of struggle to become a developed country. This Coronavirus is a curse from God. Imran Khan in his recent speech told the nation that we can not afford to lock-down. The majority of the population in Pakistan is on daily wages, so, it is impossible for them to survive the lockdown. In addition to this, our society has a high illiteracy rate. People are ignorant, the pace at which the Coronavirus is growing in our society, soon we will reach like the condition of Italy and Spain.

Source: lifeandmyfinances.com

As mentioned that almost all of the businesses are currently suspended, the rich & elites of the society will also be affected. Their life standard will be also be disturbed. The economic condition of the country is getting worse day by day. I suggest that as a Muslim it is our duty to support poor and needy in this crucial time. As if we will make our God happy, we will soon get rid of this problem.


What Islam teaches us about Charity

Islam teaches us to help the poor and needy. Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (SAW) had a chance to live the life of the king, however, he chooses to live like a poor and normal person. Islam teaches us to give Aid, charity, and sadaqat to needy and poor. Some of the people who can afford to aid poor and needy usually don’t give them aid nowadays.

Allah Says “That which you give in usury for increase through the property of (other) people, will have no increase with Allah: but that which you give for charity, seeking the Countenance of Allah, (will increase); it is those who will get a recompense multiplied.” (Qur’an, 30:39)

Prophet SAW said, “Do not show lethargy or negligence in giving alms and charity till your last breath.” (Bukhari and Muslim) and “Spend in charity and do not keep count for then Allah will also keep count in giving you provision.” (Bukhari and Muslim)

From above we can have an idea that by spending charity in the name of Allah we will not be in any kind of loss. In return, God will gift us something better

How to find Layla-tul-Qadr and spend time worshiping

What can you do to serve others in Pakistan

As mentioned earlier that the majority of our population is on a daily wage. It must be our prime duty to help them in this difficult situation. We can do the following things to serve others in Pakistan

  • Must offer food to those needy people who came to our house and rang the bell
  • We can help people by providing them with medicines, face masks, sanitizers, and other essentials.
  • If it is difficult for us to support the poor and needy economically, we should at least support them morally.
  • As during lockdown, there is a shortage of certain goods. If we have stocked too much we should provide it to needy and poor.
  • We must also pray for ourselves and for others as well to seek forgiveness.


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