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Say It Louder : Mohsin Abbas Haider

Mohsin Abbas Haider Caught In a Shocking Scandal

Pakistan woke up on Sunday with terrifying news that Fatima, Abbas’ wife, has told horrific details of her abusive relationship with the actor. Fatima shares how she was beaten repeatedly by her beastlike husband.

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Fatima’s Terrible post

On November 26, 2018, when she comes to face her husband, instead of being feeling guilty he starts beating her, though she was pregnant at that time. why woman are always the victims by their husbands? she explained how she was beaten. He pulled her hair, dragged her on the floor, kicked her several times, punched in the face and threw on the wall. She went on to say that she contacted her friend and was rushed to a hospital where the doctor initially refused to give her a checkup because it was a police case.

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she wants to digest the shock and decided not to complain. she has an ultrasound and the baby was not harmed. This was the new life by God. Then she decided to make her marriage work due to lack of confidence or love. Moreover, she told me that when she was having a baby, his husband was in Karachi with his girlfriend.

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More she wrote that while she was in operation theater in Lahore, her husband was with his girlfriend named Nazish Jehangir in Karachi. On May 20, 2019, she was blessed with a baby boy. To get public attention, he posts depressing statuses and much more. then later he deletes the post and thanked his fan for their love and support.

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Fatima said, “My family stood with me but my better half chose not to,”. She added, Mohsin visited after two days of their son to gain publicity again. He did not bother to check his son. it was only a drama for gaining appreciation.

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Mohsin raised his hand to his wife when she went to him demanding that he support his newborn child.

On July 17, she visited Mohsin’s home and asked him to take responsibility for their child but he refused to do anything and started beating her again. NOW, THIS IS MORE THEN ENOUGH.

Fatima posted her story for the women. she attached a copy of the police report she filed against Mohsin. she wrote

“Look at me! Societal pressure or not, there is a limit to put a full stop! No one else will do it except us for ourselves,”


She had no idea how she will raise her child on her own, but she believes Allah will help her.  she ended her explosive post with

“Truth told! Now I will see you in court Mr. Mohsin!”

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Mohsin Abbas Haider dismisses allegations

On July 22, Mohsin Abbas Haider rejected domestic violence allegations leveled by his wife Fatema Sohail and challenged her to bring forth assault proofs.

Haider says, he will come out with his truth. He shows concern to her confession. he was waiting for this so long. Moreover, he told that he will come up with the proof, and the things happened in our relationship for three years. And he shows the happiness of the end of toxic relationships.

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In his conferences, Mohsin has denied all these allegations. He addressed a press conference while taking oath under the holy Quran.


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Reactions From Pakistani Celebrities who are against Mohsin Abbas.

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In just a few hours, the Mohsin Abbas Haider domestic violence scandal has spread across the country. He gained a lot of fan following and respect over the years but all that has literally gone down the drain overnight.

The Mahira Khan Tweet:

Sick to my stomach. What gives anybody the right to raise their hand on anyone? Nothing. No excuse.
For eons now we have normalized abuse (of all kinds) and for the sake of our children, this needs to stop.

Haroon Shahid

Singer and actor, Haroon Shahid told a beautiful story involving his father putting a neighbor in his place for hitting his wife.

Growing up I remember, once my father got really upset when he saw my mother crying. Upon inquiring, he found out that one of our neighbor used to beat his wife. He went up to his house the same day and put him in his place. The guy was a wuss. shame on you!

“You cannot justify abuse,” wrote Osman Khalid Butt.

I’ve been staring at this screen, grappling with the images I saw, trying to form a coherent sentence.

There is a special place in hell reserved for anyone who would lay so much as a finger on a woman.
You cannot justify abuse.
It is indefensible.
I am sick to my stomach.

Much More…


The world we live in has, for centuries, given men the reassurance that they can get away with anything.#TimesUp #MohsinAbbasHaider #cancelled


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Nazish Jahangir refutes allegations of her affair with Mohsin Abbas Haider

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Nazish Jahangir, the rising star, has been blamed for extramarital affair involved with Mohsin Abbas Haider by his wife, Fatima Sohail. she breaks her silence and puts allegation on Nazish for being in a relationship with her husband. If we look into Instagram account, the model puts the statement that Fatima accused an illegal allegation. She has been a victim of her personal grudges with her husband.

Fatima has forbidden the blame by explaining that she has no proof to involve me in this scandal. However, Fatima used me as a victim to prove her innocence.

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“Use your senses, if she had any evidence, she would have posted that too as she did of her husband abusing her,” she continued.

“Fatima Sohail was on a call with me a one before her delivery. I congratulated her as well. At that time, Mohsin was doing some shoot in Karachi while I was in Islamabad. But anyway, if she is a victim of domestic abuse. I have sympathy for her but I would like to announce that I am not the reason behind their marital issues,” she continued.

“Only Mohsin Abbas can explain why my name was dragged in all of this that too without any valid evidence that ruined my image in front of all the media. I am still in a state of shock as I am not that person who would ever talk on anyone’s character, for me, this is a very shameful act,” she went on to say.

“I would like to say that she didn’t suffer from all of this but victimized me as well just for the sake of their personal grudges and that has affected me mentally as well.”


Mohsin Abbas Haider hurdles way

Will we still keep seeing him on screen? Mohsin Abbas has been fired by Duniya News, where he has been working as a DJ at the transmission “Mazak Raat“.

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