Mobile applications have transformed nearly every aspect of our lives. Whether it be navigating the way, ordering food, communicating, searching for restaurants, making a grocery list, etc. The massive growth of mobile applications is mainly because users love the convenience these applications have provided to them. The governments of this decade are well aware of the technological advancements. So, they are adopting the technology and developing the applications to facilitate the common people in their everyday routine. Over the years the government of  Pakistan has developed several mobile applications to facilitate the common people.


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Rasta Application

‘RASTA’ is one such smartphone application to ease the life of the people. Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) has developed this application in collaboration with the city traffic police, Lahore.

The Rasta application is 8.8 Mb in size and takes very less storage space in your mobile when downloaded. It is available in both Android and iOS versions. This application can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

"Rasta" Application To Facilitate The Common People
“Rasta” Application To Facilitate The Common People


How It Facilitates People?

This application, in general, facilitates the citizens in getting different services and overcome major traffic-related problems. Moreover, this application facilitates citizens in various other domains. Such as traffic advisory and planning driving routes and this something that is the need of almost every person. And the reasons are the heavy traffic in the city and the busy schedules we people have.

"Rasta" Application To Facilitate The Common People
“Rasta” Application To Facilitate The Common People

The features that have made this application more interesting to the people are E-challan. E-licensing, E-testing and most of all the complaints registration. As most of us have at least a single time experience of how difficult it was to visit the traffic police officer. In order to apply for the license or pay off the challans or to file any complaints about the difficulties or problems, you have faced. But the above mentioned distinctive features of the application has made all these processes hassle-free for all of us.

One of the main features that have made application extremely user-friendly and popular among the citizens is that most of the content is in our national language Urdu. All these services of the traffic police are one click away from us.

"Rasta" Application To Facilitate The Common People
“Rasta” Application To Facilitate The Common People


People Response To This Application

This application has attracted many people. Moreover, having a look at the application in the play store made it quite evident that how popular the app is among the citizens as there are almost 100k+ downloads with a rating of 4.0 but the reviews about the app are quite interesting as some people found the application to be extremely user-friendly, helpful and contains all the information and features that the traffic police department claims to provide through this application.

While, some of the users didn’t find the application to be satisfying enough. The reason they mention is the lack of information the application provides and its slow processing. But in general, the reviews of the application are good enough. And this initiative of the government turned out to be successful, by providing the best of the services to the citizens. After an overwhelming response from the few of the major cities, this app operates in. The government of Punjab is gearing up to introduce the application in more cities of the country.


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