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Prince Pearl Car Launch Confirmed

The year prince apart from its heavy vehicles decided on launching a mid-sized hatchback. There had been a lot of speculation around this. United also made their way into the automobile industry. Their hatchback also hasn’t received good reviews.

So the question is can the prince with their pearl car make a difference. We all know that Pakistan is dominated by 3 major automobile brands. Honda, Toyota, and Suzuki. For years now no has broken their monopolistic hold over the market.

Japanese brands have sized the market. However, with new up and coming automobile brands, things have started to shift around now. First united with their bravo and now prince with their pearl car.

So now lets come to the main point. What is the prince offering in the pearl? Let’s find out:


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Engine & Specs

So firstly I would like to mention it’s engine capacity. This car consists of an 800 cc naturally aspirated engine. It has the same exact engine which comes in Suzuki Mehran. Which for me wasn’t that promising? You see the world is moving into a new direction.

When you’re releasing a new car it should have a revamped engine. Not a recycled 90s engine. However, that’s my opinion. Many of you disagree with being reliable and stuff. But that’s my point of view.


Prince Pearl Car Launch Confirmed
800 cc Engine

Do you know what I’m grateful for? This car is coming in both automatic and manual transmission. It took forever for our industry to adapt. The pearl has a 4-speed manual gearbox. Which surprisingly has a good feel to it. Little can be said about the automatic transmission. Just that it will be AGS.

The pearl has a 27 liters fuel tank. Moreover the interesting part. Fuel average. The company is claiming that the car will amount to 18 kilometers per liter. However, this will be tested once the car is bought by consumers. Then the real facts will be given.


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Interior & Key Feature

Now that we have the engine specifications out of the way lets come to the interior. I was actually impressed with the quality and wide outspread of features in this car. Firstly, the pearl comes with a fully loaded infotainment system.

Prince Pearl Car Launch Confirmed

Infotainment System

A 5.8 inch LCD. That has built-in Bluetooth, an SD card slot, phone mirroring as well as a USB option too. The infotainment system has more than enough features to offer. Not even bogger sedans in Pakistan offer these features. Phone mirroring, I mean come on really. That’s awesome.

Prince Pearl Car Launch Confirmed
5.8 inch LCD

It comes with stereo speakers to support that nice infotainment system.


Most of the hatchbacks offered in Pakistan imported or exported don’t have armrest build in. Even mid-sized sedan does not have armrest as well. Here are a few examples, Daihatsu Mira, Suzuki Alto or Toyota Vitz. All these cars don’t have an armrest build in. And I’m talking about JDM imported cars. However, thankfully the pearl has one.

The armrest is not a cheap-looking plastic component. It’s actually a good quality fabric stitched. A good blend with the car’s dynamics. Also, I would like to mention it has power windows with a locking option as well.

Automatic boot opener

Now here’s another unique feature that only consists of high-end cars. The boot (hatch) opens automatically through a button. It is designed in a way that opens ups up hydraulically with a push of a button. Therefore, taking my heart. Prince really thought this through when designing this car.

Prince Pearl Car Launch Confirmed
Boot opener button

It also has fog lamps as well as movable side mirrors option too. Note that this car doesn’t have retractable side mirrors. Which I thought was a downside to this car a lot. Having such awesome features and lacking one of the basic features.

Speed cluster

The speed cluster looks really cheap. I’m serious! It feels like a 5th-grade child drew it with crayons. They could’ve made it analog instead of digital. In fact, I find analog gauge clusters really nice. They give the car a retro look while maintaining its modernity.

Prince Pearl Car Launch Confirmed
Speed Cluster

Steering Wheel

The steering wheel has a wooden trim to it. While placing two different logos of prince of the wheel. Which I found to be a little gaudy. There are two variants that offer wooden trim as well as silver trim. So plus point there to the prince.

This also a great time to mention that the car comes with dual airbags.

Prince Pearl Car Launch Confirmed
Steering Wheel

I noticed chrome lining on the door panels locks. They give a fairly good look. But I’m concerned about the finishing quality. Will it be able to last a good few years? Who knows only time will tell. The number one problem with chrome in that it starts to chip off. And God knows what may happen to this car!

Prince Pearl Car Launch Confirmed
A/C cluster

The air conditioning panel given the car is decent enough. With good lighting to it as well. The A/C has a good throw to it as well. But then again only time will tell about the A/C performance in our extreme hot climate.

As we go along the LCD the pearl has a good mid compartment right above the dashboard. So yeah the car is well equipped with features.

Prince Pearl Car Launch Confirmed
Extra Compartment

The leg space for the back seats is just normal in comparison to Mehran and Bravo. As well as the headroom which also enough.

Prince Pearl Car Launch Confirmed
Leg Space at back

Moving on to the back the boot space is just adequate with space for one large suitcase and comes with a spare tire along with boot space.

Prince Pearl Car Launch Confirmed
Boot Space



The headlights are good in size. Which means that the beam has a good throw to it. The prince has included DRLs in the headlights as well. Which is a good addition to the car’s headlights overall? It also has halogen headlamps installed in the headlights as we.

Prince Pearl Car Launch Confirmed
Halogen headlamps

The pearl has sharp edges and pronounced curves to its body. Which makes it more aerodynamic. It has rear LED lamps as well as reflectors given at the lower end of the car at the back.

The pearl has 13-inch alloy rims which are given in the top line variant.

Prince Pearl Car Launch Confirmed
13-inch alloy rims


Endpoint: Pricing

The expected price of the soon to be released prince’s pearl is around 8.5 to 9 lacs. This can fluctuate due to the appreciation of the US dollar.

As people will start to buy this car more reviews will come pouring in. Then concerned users will know more about this car as they come to a purchasing decision. Overall the car has various features along with some unique features that it has to offer in the automobile market.

Here people mostly go for cars that more reliable. If the pearl checks that box then it could have a good life cycle here.


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