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Preparing your CSS and PMS exams

CSS and PMS exams are competitive exams. These exams are commenced through the Federal government and Provincial government respectively. Within a decade the awareness among candidates has increased. we can also see that the number of candidates has increased dramatically. Preparing CSS and PMS exams is one of the most difficult tasks. A candidate required a lot of dedication and hard work to become a bureaucrat.

In this article, we will discuss the preparation of CSS and PMS exams. If you follow it with true spirit and dedication, you will surely succeed in these exams.

How to prepare your CSS and PMS exams

1. Dedication

First and the foremost thing you need to do is to get a dedication. You should try to find and meet those people who already had completed their CSS or PMS exams. As only those individuals could guide you in a better way.

2. Get knowledge about these exams

Read as much as you can about these CSS and PMS exams. The best place from where you can get information is from the FPSC website or other provincial government websites like PPSC, KPSC, SPSC, and BPSC. In addition to these websites, the CSS Forum website can also help you a lot. In addition to this, try to find the people who had passed their CSS or PMS exams from your friends’ circle. Arrange a meeting with them and keep in contact with them as well.

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3. Subject Selection 

Subject selection is one of the most difficult and sensitive tasks. You can find the subjects from the public service commission websites which are mentioned above. Moreover, the syllabus is also available on the websites.

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For instance, I will help you with CSS. In CSS there is a total of 12 papers. Among them, 6 are compulsory ( English Essay, English Precis & Composition, Current Affairs, Pakistan Affairs, General Knowledge and Islamiat) carrying 600 marks. The rest of the 600 marks of papers are meant to be selected from the groups. There are a total of 7 groups. From Group I & Group II you have to select a maximum of 200 marks from each, whereas, from Group III to VII you can select one subject from each. For example, if you select Computer Science from Group I which is of 200 marks, further, you have to select 400 more marks. Like History of the USA from Group-IV, Environmental Sciences from Group-V, International law from Group-VI and Psychology from Group-VII. This is just an example you can change according to your choice.

4. Maintaining a Time table

While in quarantine this is the best time to study for next year’s examination. Prepare a timetable and start studying according to that time. Moreover, when you achieve your milestone mark it. This will help you to keep the track as the syllabus is quite huge.

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5. Make Notes

Start making your own notes from the very first day. This will help you in revision and on the paper day. Moreover, try to make heading in each topic this will surely benefit you in many ways.

6. Things You should do for English paper

English is a nightmare in CSS exams, but don’t worry it’s not that hard. All you need is error-free English with simplicity. Note that don’t try to write and prepare complex sentences. It will surely increase the chance of error in the paper. For English Essay from the start, you can practice one essay in 3 days, with the passage of time you will be able to write 3000 words essay within 3 hours. Similarly, learn the art of precis. Once you’re an expert in precis you can easily do that as well.

Prepare English essays from multiple sources. You have to read the research papers, news, articles from dawn especially the opinion section. Moreover, Wikipedia is quite helpful in this as well.

7. Consistency 

Consistency is one of the important things. As the syllabus is quite large to cover it will surely take months. The more consistent you remain, the more easily you can cover the syllabus.

8. Join an academy

Academy is a good option. It will divert you to the right path but still just studying from the academy won’t help you in the paper. You have to study from multiple books. As these CSS and PMS exams are competitive exams and there are thousands of candidates in the academy. If all of them write the same material how can they compete with each other? Therefore, do self-study as well along with the academy.

9. Review Past paper

You must review past papers of CSS and PMS. As they will help you in understanding the pattern and schema of the paper. Moreover, there is sometime possibility for repeat questions. Therefore, you must give a thorough review of past papers.

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Finally, it is asserted that you must start your preparation with full zeal and zest. You must remain keen, calm, dedicated and consistent while preparing. In addition to this, You must always start with the name of Allah.

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