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Planning a Movie this Eid ? Find the best Cinema in Lahore

There are a ton of movies being released across the globe. But the ones that are widely seen in the cinemas are superhero or fantasy movies. These movies have a massive fan following even in Pakistan. True movie enthusiasts scout out the best cinema to watch movies in.

So don’t worry we have got you covered. I’ll tell you about the best cinemas to watch movies while keeping price, convenience, and cinema-quality in check.


Cinestar Township

Cinestar township comes first on our list. Although Cinestar has multiple branches scattered all around Lahore. The township branch is the best. Now there are two things that make it the best. Firstly it is the only IMAX cinema in Lahore. Secondly, it has a much wider screen than it has much better sound quality than its rivals.

But if you’re on a budget then this cinema may not be for you. Cause the IMAX ticket costs around Rs 850/- which is quite a lot. Also, it may not be considered a centralized location for many people. Convenience is one of the main things views see if they want to go to a particular cinema.

Cinestar IMAX


Universal Cinemas

Located in the Emporium mall it is the center point for all the people who live in the Johar Town district or in the neighboring of that location. While it may not be the best in terms of sound quality it is adequate enough. Moreover, the picture quality is also alright.

The price point of the tickets is what makes it second on our list. It is mainly targeted for students who are on a strict budget. There is a

Universal Cinemas

special student offer than stays valid in the weekdays from 11 am to 5 pm. In which the ticket is for Rs 350/-. Which is damn reasonable.


Imperial Cinemas

A mid-size cinema hall with fair sound quality and good picture quality. People who live on the defense side and all the side location will have easy access to it. Located at Burqee road. The price range is not too high or low just in between.

Then again only people living in Askari and Defense would have more

Imperial Cinemas



Cine Gold Cinemas

One of the first pioneering cinemas in comfort. Situated in Bahria Town it a decent cinema at the very least. With limited seating, it is designed for luxury. They recently revamped the whole cinema and I must say it looks nice.

Cine Gold Cinemas

With recliners as seats, it gives the viewers a good experience. Price status is around Rs 500/- which is ok. Convenience wise it is ideal for the society members plus all the other societies that side with. Sound and picture quality is alright.


Cinepax Fortress Cinema

As the name suggests, it is located in the fortress stadium. Well from a convenience point of view it is neutral because most people who visit fortress stadium tend to have sudden plans for a movie. People who actually plan on going to this cinema are less in number.

Cinepax Fortress Cinema

This is due to the fact that it becomes really tedious entering fortress stadium. Which can be annoying for many people including me. Prices are the same as the cine gold cinema. Give or take Rs 150/- more.


Vogue Tower Cinema

Last on the list in the vogue tower cinemas. I have visited this cinema multiple times. Frankly speaking, I’ve never been met with satisfaction. The sound and picture quality can be improved and the cinema doesn’t have a good ambiance to it.

Vogue Tower Cinema

Price also around Rs 500/- which is alright I guess. Located at MM Alam road it is a central point for everyone and for a convenience point of view this cinema is great.



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