Home Life "Peechay Tou Dekho" kid has been all over the internet

“Peechay Tou Dekho” kid has been all over the internet

Earlier this year a video went viral of a 3-4-year-old boy. He became famous due to being really adorable and cute. Being provoked to act out. Then later another video of him came out which went on to a subject of numerous memes.

Basically, this boy is a Pathan(Khan) named Ahmad who is fat in a really cute way wearing round glasses. He is such an adorable boy if you happen to come across him on social media. Nowadays you can find him in Ramadan transmission where he has gained massive popularity.

People are calling him the internet sensation of Pakistan.


If you see him in his viral videos he’s really disrespectful and bad mannered. Of course, he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Cause in order for him to know that he must be taught. Rather than teaching him to be polite and respectful, he has been encouraged of his behavior.

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It’s really sad to see what world we live in. We’re telling that little boy it is ok to go on and bluntly speak whatever comes to your mind without any consequences. Furthermore, I’m surprised by his parents as well. How can they accept this?

If this keeps on going he would have a very poor upbringing.



I’m just baffled by the ignorance of the community itself. Here in the holy month of Ramadan, we as a nation should encourage good things. Bring children who are talented and gifted to share their knowledge.

When scrolling throws my news feed I happen to come across a girl. She was making some sort of gloves for deaf & dumb people. These gloves when worn would interpret their sign language into dialects. I was stunned by her creativity. This would able these people to have a voice.

Junaid Akram a YouTuber also mentioned this on his page as well.

Why do we fail as a community and as a nation always? Why don’t we encourage some good in our nation? When some people started to object to this turn of events people started saying they are jealous of him.

Wait, what? Jealous! People out there can really make up good stories. Why would someone be jealous of a 3-year-old?

Although, some people were really jealous when he kissed Mahira Khan or when Neelam Munir kissed him on his cheeks. LOL.

What should be done?

In a few days, Ramadan will be over. The days in which numerous amounts of people tune in to see the transmission. Our media industry only cared about their ratings and didn’t think to realize that bringing some good to these shows could actually do good for many people in their lives.

Although, Ramadan is ending it doesn’t mean that this boy cannot be cast again. Bringing on celebrities on and putting this boy right next to them is not the way to go. His parents should really consider the well being of their child. How all this could potentially harm him in his later life.

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I think he has had his moment and this all should be stopped. Let that boy go and create some actual content on which your shows can run better.

And if you do want to encourage this kind of development then bring out children across Pakistan who are talented, who have something unique to showcase.

Thus, making them popular and bringing out the best in children. This how Pakistan, in general, could get better and more benevolent.


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