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PayPal and it’s alternatives for Pakistanis

PayPal Alternatives in Pakistan

No Doubt, PayPal is the most secure method to get payment in Pakistan. The reason for my trust in PayPal is because I have been using the PayPal account for almost a year. And I am delighted with PayPal. As PayPal is an easy way to get money from other countries in Pakistan, that’s why I always suggest PayPal to others. PayPal provides you with credit card security. It means when you type your credit card details in PayPal for making any payment, your credit card, and account details are fully secured and secrete. Don’t worry about hackers while using PayPal because PayPal keeps your credit card information private and safe. In the coming section, we will discuss PayPal Alternatives in Pakistan.

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Almost all Freelancers, including me, are using PayPal for their transactions from foreign countries. Trust me, and I did not face any difficulty to get my payment in Pakistan. I am very well aware of many other sides that are strictly similar to PayPal. You can use those apps as alternatives to PayPal. These apps have many features like PayPal and also are very easy to use, like PayPal. If you are a new FreeLancer, you can get your payments and can do other transactions using PayPal or other alternatives in Pakistan. I have some best money transfer sites for you. And I am sure that you will like them. Make sure to read this complete guide and don’t forget to share your experience with PayPal alternatives in Pakistan in the comments sections.

Without wasting time, let’s go straight forward to our topic “PayPal Alternatives in Pakistan”. Here is the list of PayPal alternatives in Pakistan.

  • Stripe
  • Payoneer
  • Jazz Cash
  • 2Chechout
  • Easypay By Telenor
  • Payza
  • Remilty


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The other best option if you are looking for a PayPal alternative in Pakistan is Stripe. The Stripe is the new standard in online payments that offers you many services. The services provided by Stripe are beneficial for freelancers in Pakistan. First of all, you have to know what is the Stripe. The answer to the previous question is very easy and straightforward. The Strip is the payment infrastructure manufactured by US-based companies. It accepts payment applications from many countries around the globe. The stripe is the fastest platform for money transactions which offers hundreds of features. I am also using the Stripe, and my experience is so good. If you are living in a country where Stripe is not available, you can use Stripe Atlas program. An incorporated company in the USA will open a bank account for you in that country.

Credit card payments are effortless via Stripe. The best features of this service are given below:

  1. It can be installed quickly having an easy setup
  2. Easy payment Take away
  3. Keeps your account information and other details private
  4. Notification Email can be sent to buyer or seller
  5. You can complain about any problem



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Pakistani Freelancer is facing many hurdles over the year because of the non-availability of PayPal services in Pakistan. It is considered as the biggest hurdle for Pakistani freelancers. Non-availability of PayPal in Pakistan causes enormous losses to Pakistani freelancers. Almost the potential clients cannot place order because they only use PayPal to pay. That’s a big problem for freelancers because they can’t get more orders. I think this is a non-bearable loss for those freelancers who have just started freelancing and are desperately waiting for good order.

You can sign up free for Payoneer, and it is the oldest global service for payment. It is available now in many countries including Pakistan.

Payoneer solved all the problems caused by the unavailability of PayPal in Pakistan. For Pakistani freelancers, this service is a great blessing. Payoneer is proved mush helpful in the recent couple of years. Payoneer helps Pakistani freelancers by offering a variety of services that makes the lives of Pakistani freelancers easier. If you are a freelancer, you can create a bank account in various countries and continents through its Global Payment Service. At the time of need, Payoneer came in Pakistan and saved the lives of Pakistani freelancers. Here in Payoneer, there is a bonus for you. You will get a gift of $25 when you have done a transaction of $1000. So, what are you waiting for? Download Payoneer and enjoy it. The other benefit of Payoneer is that you can directly transfer money to your bank account.

Jazz Cash:

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In our list of PayPal alternatives in Pakistan, Jazz Cash has its own special place. You can use Jazz Cash for various payment purposes. If PayPal service is not available in your country, you can use jazz cash for your payment transactions. Jazz cash is one of the most using payment services in Pakistan. There are many exciting features in the Jazz Cash App, including the easy download process of jazz cash in your smartphone through Play Store. Jazz Cash is a secure and customizable payment solution for your website. You can connect your jazz cash with a bank account and Payoneer. Jazz Cash offers its user to make payments swiftly and securely. Choose the method of payment that suits you. There are various Payment methods provided by Jazz Cash which are given below:

  1. Debit or Credit card
  2. Your Jazz Cash Mobile Account
  3. Voucher
  4. Direct Debit

Payment through Mobile Account is straightforward. First, Download Jazz Cash. Secondly, enter your mobile account number. Then, you will receive a configuration message. Verify your account by entering the Account Pin. If you want to make a payment through voucher, pay your voucher after receiving a voucher number through SMS at any retailer which are more than 60,000 nationwide. Enable Jazz Cash on your website and make your payments easy.


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The other best option I am going to discuss in this Article to choose in place of PayPal is 2CHECKOUT. Here I am going to share with you the best PayPal Alternatives in Pakistan, which allows the customers to purchase or sell goods.

It serves the users by offering many handy features, including various transferring techniques. Like Payoneer, This service is also available in many countries, including Pakistan. You can trust this app for paying or receiving money because this service keeps your account details safe from hackers. It is effortless and easy to create a 2Chechout Account. Suppose you are a freelancer and want to sell from Pakistan, then 2Chechout is the more excellent way for you in case of non-availability of PayPal. 2Chechout is one of the most famous gateways all around the World. Let me teach you how to create a 2Chechout Account simply.

  1. Go to the official website of 2Checkout.
  2. Fill up boxes with Full Name, Email, and other information
  3. Click” I am not a Bot.”
  4. Choose Product Type
  5. Click on “Activate your Account”
  6. It will be done successfully


Easypay by Telenor:

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Easy pay by Telenor is now becoming a mostly used payment service in Pakistan. Easypay is proved much helpful for freelancers because it fulfills all the requirements related to online payment services. The best feature of Easypay service is its ability to withdraw the amount in Telenor App or Bank Account. Telenor specially designs this service for sellers in Pakistan. Apply for Easypay Account online and give them some vital information. After this simple procedure, you can avail of this service. This Online Payment solution is entirely safe. On Downloading Easypay, you will find three payment methods. You can select one of these three Payment methods:

  1. Credit/Debit Card
  2. Easy Shop
  3. Mobile Account

After Successful transaction, you will receive a confirmation message via email or SMS.

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I think you know that PayPal is not the only way to send and receive money around the Globe. Unfortunately, PayPal is not available in Pakistan. We can never forget discussing Payza in PayPal Alternatives in Pakistan. Payza offers online money transferring services. Through Payza, you can quickly send and receive money over the internet. It provides all the essential services to a Freelancer. Payza is giving its services in 197 countries around the world, including Pakistan. Also, Payza provides a free bank account and a free Debit Card. You can easily download this app from Google Play Store and can sign up without facing any problem.



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In the list of PayPal Alternatives in Pakistan, the next one which I am going to explain to you is Remitly. Yes! I am here to give you the best option for your online Payment and Money transfers. I choose Remitly on this list because I have read thousands of good reviews from customers. You can send up to 10k dollars in a single transfer. It provides a fully trusted and secure service in Pakistan. Any Freelancer in Pakistan can use Remitly to send and receive money quickly. It offers fast service all around the World.


In this article, I discussed the PayPal Alternatives in Pakistan. I gave you a fully detailed guide on the best alternative options for PayPal. Trust me, and you can use one of the services mentioned above. I am a Freelancer, and I know which option is best for money transfer. You can check our website ALITECHHUB for other information related to Tech for free.

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