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Pakistan’s Battle Against Climate Change

Climate Change

Climate change occurs when a change in global or regional climate patterns, that last for at least a few decades, and maybe for years. The effect of climate change is may be due to natural processes, such as

  • changes in the Sun’s radiation,
  • volcanoes,
  • internal change in the climate system,
  • due to human activities.

Climate change
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Pakistan has been listed as the 7th most affected country by Climate Change. The bad news for Pakistan is that global warming affects the glaciers melting as the result of the flow rate of many rivers increase which causes the flood.

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According to the knowledge, Pakistan has faced around 150 unexpected weather incidents as a result of climate change in the past 20 years which includes flash floods, smog in winter and forest fires in summer. Moreover, melting glaciers, freaky heatwaves, landslides, and displaced populations.

It is very important for temperatures to remain below 1.5 degrees but in Pakistan, the annual mean temperature has already increased by roughly 0.5 degrees.


Main Cause of Climate change in Pakistan

credit: https://ipripak.org/climate-change-and-pakistan/

The main cause of climate change is the emission of greenhouses gases, the burning of fossil fuels, deforestation, excessive use of fertilizers, the use of smoky sprays and many more. Almost all the causes of climate change are due to human activities. Humans are cutting down trees, burning fossil fuels, using a lot of fertilizers and increasing the number of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Due to these activities, the ozone is also depleting.

Climate change threats to Pakistan

Climate threat

Following are the major threat problem in Pakistan due to climate change.

  • Monsoon rains causing frequent and intense floods.
  • Dams are caused by the intense flood
  • An increase in temperature enhanced heat and water-stressed conditions.
  • A rapid change in climate conditions cause effects of forests
  • Affecting  agricultural areas
  • sharing of water resources
  • Increased health risks

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Campaign Components

COMSATS campaign

  • On April 10, over 500 students and faculty members of COMSATS University, Islamabad, launched the “Say No to Plastics” campaign which includes distribution of hazards of plastics use, Moreover a door-to-door awareness campaign against plastic littering.
  •  Seeds planted in 2014  declared the “Right to a clean, green and healthy environment” as a Fundamental Human Right.
  • That sub-Committee published Pakistan’s first Media Manual on Environmental Degradation and Climate Change. From this act, people come to know about the climate changes


Pakistan needs to work at domestic and community level to create climate change awareness. In the coming years, Pakistan is going to face a lot regarding climate change. The uncertain nature of climate change added challenges to policymakers who are tuned to making decisions. However, the current global aim is to tackle climate change resulting from human activities whose greenhouse gas emissions are changing the composition of the earth’s atmosphere.

The government expects to get international grants worth between $7 and $14 billion each year to be able to adapt to climate change. In 2017 the Senate passed a policy that called upon the creation of Pakistan Climate Change Authority to manage.



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