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Pakistani Dramas v/s Indian Dramas


Pakistani Drama Industry (PDI) is doing much better than Indian Drama Industry (IDI). We all know, there was a time when Indian dramas were largely populated in our society. At that time Revival of the PDI was needed. However, the time came when PDI started to produce good dramas and that become very popular in society. In a blink of a moment, Pakistani dramas turned down Indian dramas.

pakistani dramas are better than indian
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Pakistani Drama is playing an important role in nowadays. Viewers are preferring Pakistani dramas instead of Indian dramas. Here are some reasons why Pakistani TV serials are better than Indian ones:

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1. Based on social issues. Realistic.

Pakistani dramas are more realistic than Indian dramas. However, they are based on social issues and problems. Their script is so natural and meaningful, which ends within a few weeks or months. Pakistani dramas give a moral lesson and are a source of inspiration. e.g

  • Humsafar
  • Zindagi Gulzar Hai
  • Udaari

Whereas Indian Dramas are so unrealistic in nature so slowly and gradually they went unpopular and finally ends. Remember the TV serial Baani? It was supposed to be based on fake NRI marriages in Punjab. Later on, it became another saas-bahu tale. There is no start, no end, and no common sense in them. e.g

  • Kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu the,
  • kahani ghar ghar ki ,
  • Ye Rishta kiya khelata hai etc.

Today a great number of people from our society want to see Pakistani dramas channels rather than Indian drama channels because of this major reason.

Pakistan/ indian drama
credit: style.pk

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2.No Makeup Overload. Focus on Story

In Pakistan Dramas, dressing, makeup, everything is super simple and real in their shows, which just makes it so much more believable. However, their sets are also designed accordingly and costumes were chosen for the actors are relevance to the storyline of the drama. The actresses do makeup according to the specific needs of their plays.

Pakistani Actresses
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Whereas in Indian dramas the actresses wear a lot of makeup. Whether they are ill or Sleeping. They focus on make-overs, styles, costumes of the drama and the decoration of the set rather than a storyline.

indian actresses
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3. Limited Time Festivals. Short Time Drama Period

Pakistani dramas were prepared with a defined scope, time period and were lesson oriented. These lesson-oriented dramas got more popularity. Pakistani drama plays organize such things in the best possible manner and never try to make the drama episodes reach up to 100 or 200!.

pakistani dramas vs indian dramas
credit: www.indiatimes.com

Whereas in Indian dramas if there is a wedding or a special festival that will last for months. The audience gets tired of seeing that celebration in a drama for so long period. The viewers usually lost interest in watching such long engaging serials.

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4.No songs playing in the background half of the air time

The background songs in Indian dramas, keep on playing the whole time, It takes even a whole episode. The lead actress according to the situation, cry on it, dance on it, etc. Pakistani drama serials never adopt this stupid, time wastage policy. However, Indian drama plays always try their best to make the audience mad and stupid. For every shocking news, background music “Dhum Ta Na Na, Dhum Ta Na Na” is played and the leading actress or actor says words like Nahi Nahi, Kya Kya, etc.

pakistani dramas vs indian dramas
credit: tune.pk

5. Moral End. Sensible choice of actors

Viewers like a drama with Moral end. The most important thing in the drama is the start and the end. Pakistani dramas are based on real things and always give a good lesson. Moreover they aware us of different things like the respect of a woman etc. The choice of actor’s roles are needed and demand was ensured in Pakistani dramas.

credit: nation.com.pk

The Indian drama never gives a moral at the end. Their directors always write the worst type of scripts which is never understood by us. No one knows that for what purpose is this drama played for. However, the choice of actors in Indian dramas is not appropriate. In their dramas, girly looked female actors performing the role of a mother in Indian dramas. Obviously, this kind of lack of sensibility from the selectors of an actor was noticed by the viewers and was unacceptable, so people inclined towards Pakistani dramas which were more sensibly fabricated.

indian drama
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6. Good Title Tracks

Pakistani drama’s title tracks are so attractive, their music and lyrics are meaningful. Even the drama ends but their title track is still on the top. Their titles are realistic based on current issues in society. Their title related to the story of drama which highlights the issues in the serial.

Whereas Indian drama’s title tracks are not related to their script and they mix the concept of issues under one umbrella.

credit: mastorat.com

Therefore Pakistani drama’s title track is more liked by the viewers e.g

  • Humsafar
  • Man Mayal
  • Khamoshi
  • Do Bol

credit: www.proudpak.pk

7. Dead Once are not Back

Indian drama script tries to cover, they believe regarding seven 7 times the life cycle (Sath Janam) For example, their famous drama Kasam Tere Pyar ki highlight that dead once is back if their promises are not fulfilled. Moreover, Sasural Simar Ka serial got ten rebirths and seven plastic surgeries. Their script also involves the sudden rebirth of the acting role. Another act is when an actor is about to die but because of their near once shout or touches them, they start breathing and get normal.

kasam tere pyar ki
credit: /www.youtube.com

While Pakistani TV serials are just not into this whole plastic surgery or back from the dead. Their story really has suspense and curiosity.

8.  No Rona Dhona At All

In Indian drama, actresses have a habit of crying. In each and every episode of Indian drama, there is “Rona Dhona” every time. They show many emotions at the moment that they mixed the expressions. Their actresses filled the ocean with their tears. This act bored the viewers, moreover their “Rona Dhona” take 1 episode.

indian drama
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In Pakistani Dramas, there are specific moments of crying and expressing the emotions. There is no overacting. Viewers enjoy each and every act. Moreover, they have suspense in their stories.



By reading all the above points, we are much clear about why Pakistani dramas are better than Indian plays. We must say:-

Best Of luck to our PDI


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