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Pakistani Dramas Changing Cultural Values and Norms of The Viewers


Media has the power to change the opinion of the public and they use that power more often. TV is the most important type of media communication because it covers a huge audience in a short period of time. Therefore, its influence is on more people and it lasts until the viewer is connected with the content delivered by it. With the passage of time, media has become successful enough to change the perception of the viewer and ultimately it is targeting the cultural values and norms of Pakistan’s population.


Pakistani Dramas Changing Values And Norms Of The Viewers

Cultural Values and Norms:

The cultural values and norms are the acceptable behaviors and attitudes of society. All societies have cultural values and norms and Pakistan has its unique cultural existence.


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Latest Dramas and itsTrend:

The viewers not only follow the storyline of the dramas but put themselves in the shoes of the actors. Thus, they are connected with the characters and love to follow them on different social sites. Apart from this, every character has its own dressing style and the way they talk. The viewers contemplate their style and their stance in the drama. Usually, the viewers follow the lead characters and even copy their get up.  There is a list of hit dramas and recently getting famous includes Do Bol, Suno Chanda, Cheekh, Aagan and many more. Let’s talk about a few of them and their rising trend!

Pakistani Dramas Changing Values And Norms Of The Viewers
Credits: www.oyeyeah.com

Do Bol:

We all know about its storyline. After this drama, the girls are wishing to get a driver like ‘Badar’ in the serial and boys are ready to become their driver. There are several memes that grabbed the attention of the viewers and the TikTok app had trending Do Bol video clips.


Pakistani Dramas Changing Values And Norms Of The Viewers
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Suno Chanda:

The drama’s genre is a sitcom and the family loves to watch its episodes. The lead characters keep on making noise and talk louder in an unrespectable way. The viewers are following the way they talk and this is not how our cultural norms and values teach us.

No doubt there are many laughing moments in the serial but still their actions are disturbing our cultural settings.


Pakistani Dramas Changing Values And Norms Of The Viewers

The writers are focusing on the quality storyline and participating in a positive way but the directors are the one who records every scene. He decides the get up of the characters and the way they act and deliver their dialogues. The viewers not only learn the message of the drama but try to copy those characters which are ultimately dragging us away from our culture.

Pakistani Dramas Changing Values And Norms Of The Viewers
Credits: www.skylightsearch

Our Mashwarah:

Our Mashwarah is to stay with your own culture and support your cultural values and norms. We cannot become a developed nation by copying their culture. Pakistan has its own uniqueness and the media should promote that. We, the population of Pakistan should take a stand for it. The Pakistani dramas have a good storyline and the viewers should learn from that but we will not recommend imitating that make-over that does not promote our culture.


#preservepakistaniculture #showourculture #beandstaypakistani  


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