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NOVU, A Top Notch Yet Inexpensive Restaurant

With all that has been going on within our economy lately, it safe to say that people have made ways to make life a little easier. For a while now restaurants had been spiking up prices. Insane amount of taxes were being applied on each and everything.

For me personally, I stopped going out. There was no point! Fine dining was not an option. Sticking to fast food was the only way to go. However, things started to turn up. With the opening of Nova A Pan Asian Cuisine, it seemed promising.

Well right off the bat this is a Chinese restaurant. Don’t worry I’m sure you’ll love it even if you’re not a fan of Chinese food. And what’s not to love about it.


Ambiance & Location

Well located in main Gulberg as well as in Defense Y-block this gives it excellent credibility. Due to the fact that most of the elite class come here to dine.

NOVU, A Top Notch Yet Inexpensive Restaurant

Now let’s talk about the ambiance. When you’ll first enter here mellow feels will wrap you around. I myself got really comfortable really fast. Moreover, the dim lights the rather adequate space lets you know you are not in a crowded place. But at the same time, it makes you feel alive.


Quality of Food

The food is absolutely great! I’m sorry I just couldn’t lure you into a whole paragraph to tell you that. That’s what I feel about ‘Novu’. With what it’s up against I firmly believe that Novu stands out. Not just by quality standards but even with the food representation.

NOVU, A Top Notch Yet Inexpensive Restaurant
Novu Dishes

Having a rather fair-sized menu with each and every dish is their specialty. There is a little to no chance of them going wrong. They have a perfect identification of the spice level for their dishes. From low to high spice range they have it all.



Now here comes the most intriguing part of all. The one you all have been waiting for, PRICING! At the end of the day what matters is the price tag. Hence, Novu has the nest value proposition that a restaurant has to offer in Lahore.

NOVU, A Top Notch Yet Inexpensive Restaurant
Novu Menu

All their main courses are under 700 PKR except for a few dishes. If you’re thinking of going with your family or with friends, either way, this place won’t burn a hole into your wallet that for sure.



If you happen to swing by Novu do try their “Thai Fiery Chicken” if you’re in the mood for spicy food. If not I would advise you to try their “Crunch Honey Chicken” and also their Chowmen. I’ve personally tried all of them and found them to be up to the mark. But hey that’s my opinion. You should try it out yourself.


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Final Verdict

In conclusion, Novu has all the essentials needed to be a good restaurant. What I like about it is that it is plain and simple. Often times it gets quite complex to order at other establishments as they have a vast menu. Novu, rather has a small menu which they absolutely perfect in.

If you are someone that prefers several amounts of options may be Novu isn’t the place for you. But if you’re someone like me who just wants to let loose have a great time and side by side have awesome dining then you should try Novu.

Moreover, not to mention the price point. Which is just spot on. I think if you found their food to just be adequate then you’ll find their price to be really decent.



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