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Marriage is a legal contract between a man and a woman in Islam. This contract is called Nikah in Islam. And there is a verbal contract on a piece of paper. So, this paper or binding contract is called Nikahnama. The Nikahnama is a fundamental element of an Islamic marriage. It is legal evidence of marriage. It was approved in Pakistan under the Muslim Family Laws Ordinance in 1961. This contract describes the rights agreed upon by both the bride and groom. It is important to know the details of the marriage contract or Nikahnama. So, you must read it before signing it.

Nikah Ke Nikat
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Sections of Nikahnama or Marriage Contract

There are 25 sections in Nikahnama.

  • Section 1-6 includes basic information such as name, address, date of birth, etc. Firstly, in Nikahnama, asking for bride and groom names, address and relationship statuses. There is a special focus on the age of the bride. She should be at least 16 years old for it to be accepted legally. And the groom must be 18 or above. Similarly, if the marriage takes place through the court, she must be at least 18.

Nikah Ke Nikat
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  • Sections 7-12 include information from the bride and groom’s witnesses. Nikah conduct in the presence of two witnesses from each side as Islamic tradition. The witnesses must include two trustworthy Muslim men who are not much close to the bride like the father or grandfather.

Nikah Ke Nikat
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  • Section 13-17 includes information about, what is given to the bride in Haq Mehr?Haq Mehr is one of the most important clauses purported by the Nikahnama. Haq Mehr is a compulsory/mandatory gift given by the groom to his bride, in consideration of the marriage. Points 13 to 17 of the Nikkah document provide the details of the amount that the families have mutually agreed upon. This amount of Haq Mehr can be paid in the form of cash, gold or any aaaaaother valuable item. There are two kinds of Haq Mehr: First is “mu ajjal“, which is to be given before marriage or at the time of nikkah. Second is “muwajjal“, which is given after a specific time period fixed in the contract. Like at the time of death, divorce or at any point in time the wife wants. In easy words, these Haq Mehr kinds are like prompt and deferred.

Nikah Ke Nikat
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  • Section 18-19 accommodates the right to divorce. Moreover, this section asks the husband, he likes to delegate the right to divorce his wife or not.

Nikah Ke Nikat
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Watch the video for more details: Youtube

  • Moreover, there are various other sections and documents which you can include in your Nikahnama. For example, many couples determine a specific allowance which the husband must give the wife every month, etc.

Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness.

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