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Takhleeq Incubator Startups

Takhleeq Business Incubator is the epicenter of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial activities at UCP. Housed in a state-of-the-art facility, Takhleeq runs a world-class incubation program, organizes events and workshops on entrepreneurship,

and creates national and international linkages to support entrepreneurs of UCP. Driven by our vision of creating ethical business that propel positive change in the society, Takhleeq is always a buzz with creativity, optimism, and positive energy.

Takhleeq Incubator Start-ups


Takhleeq Business Incubator provides a platform to determined entrepreneurs and innovative start-ups to make their business ideas a reality. At the heart of this is our 6-months incubation program for aspiring entrepreneurial students, faculty members and alumni who have a strong desire to start their own business ventures. This rigorous mentoring and training program empowers participants to start, run and grow their businesses. For more information, click here
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Takhleeq Café Incubator Calls Out For Aspiring Food Entrepreneurs!
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For more information, please visit Takhleeq Incubator
Register at http://www.evolveglobal.com.pk/ees-19


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