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Mere Pass Tum Ho | 5 Predictable Endings

Greed, Love, and Sacrifice

The story revolves around three words: Greed, Love and Sacrifice. In this drama, every character is being played by our most loved actors which leaves the audience in tears. They really know how to put on a show. As the story moves forward, the viewers gradually got one surprise after the other. All predictions about Mere Pass Tum Ho were proven wrong with shocking twists and turns. As Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar’s scripts are never simple to predict, he likes to shock his viewers.

Mere pass tum ho
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5 Predictable Endings of Mere Pass Tum Ho

Mere Pass Tum Ho is going to end soon. This drama has a total of 22 episodes. Like every other drama written by Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar, this drama too has come to a point where there can be so many different endings to it. Up until now, everyone was sure that they wanted to see Mehwish suffer. Now that Mehwish has no place to go and she is helpless, most viewers feel differently. There have been so many different twists and turns in Mere Pass Tum Ho that it is a little difficult to predict how this drama will end.

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Here are 5 possible ways, Mere Pass Tum Ho can end:

Danish and Hania Getting Married

The promos of the upcoming episode showed that Danish might be considering getting married to Hania. Although, Danish has shown no such interest in Hania. However, Hania likes Danish.

Mere pass tum ho
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Danish Forgiving Mehwish

Up until now in Mere Pass Tum Ho, Mehwish has hardly ever been sorry for anything at all. Danish still loves Mehwish, there is no denying that. Her phone call and an apology might break the emotional barrier in the next two episodes.

Since Danish divorced Mehwish therefore in order to get married to her again, she will need to enter into nikkah with another man. Will Salman be the one who will ‘help’ them meet that end? This is the only way to a happy ending which many people now want to see but no one wants to see this halala in a drama.


Mere pass tum ho
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Danish and Maham Joining Hands

Danish is after all very business-minded. Is it possible that Danish and Maham will eventually join hands and he will become the co-director of Shehwar Enterprise?

Mere pass tum ho
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Mehwish Ending Up In a Mental Asylum

Mehwish will feel guilty very soon. Soon enough she will realize just how wrong she was. She will also realize that she lost a man who loved her a lot. Will she go completely crazy and end up in a mental asylum?

Mehwish Killing Shehwar

The cast interviews indicate that there is going to be a murder in Mere Pass Tum Ho. Will Mehwish end up killing Shehwar?


What do you think is going to happen next in Mere Pass Tum Ho? What do you want should happen? Who do you think is going to get murdered? Do share your views and opinions.




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