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Markets to buy used smartphones in Lahore

There was a time when only a certain class of people could buy smartphones. It was considered quite a luxury to own a smartphone, but today in this era a smartphone can be seen in the hands of a beggar. Literally speaking!

So let us dive right into where to buy used smartphones in Lahore:

Hafeez Center

Hafeez center is one of the biggest electronics markets in Asia. If you are looking for anything slightly related to smartphones that is the place to be at. You will find all sorts of smartphones there. Repaired smartphones, old/ obsolete smartphones, used smartphones and of course brand new smartphones.

If you’re living in Lahore you should be very well aware of Hafeez center. If not by any chance we have got you covered. Hafeez center is located in the main hub of Gulberg known as the “Main Boulevard”. Access to Hafeez is completely simple and easy, due to its centralized location.

Now if you have a particular smartphone in mind then that’s great. Why? Many people get carried away once they enter the Hafeez center. They end up spending a lot more than they actually have. I would suggest that you first research what you want. Therefore, then scout your way through Hafeez center.



Markets to buy used smartphones in Lahore
Credits “Citysearch.pk”

Probably go for a slightly used smartphone and never ever consider buying a repaired device. That’s money down the drain! Make sure that the person you’re buying a used smartphone from has a proper shop there and gives you a guarantee on the device. Obviously, it won’t be for a year but a week or even a month would suffice.

Moreover, prices vary from shop to shop. That is why I highly recommend that you first visit at least 5 or 6 shops. This is a minimum number of shops that I go to whenever I’m in the mood for getting a used smartphone. One shopkeeper would quote let’s say 50,000 PKR the shop adjacent to that might say 48,500 PKR. So it is good to know the market when making a purchase decision.

In addition, bargaining is key to cutting yourself a good deal. If by any chance you stumble upon a used handset that you feel is in 10/10 condition go for it. However, pull no stops when bargaining. No one is going to quote you a golden price. You always have to make it suitable to your pocket.

Hall road

Hall Road is basically a multi-purpose electronic market. By that I mean you’ll find computers, TVs, cameras, a stereo system for cars. But they also have a large portion of the market devoted to smartphones.

You can actually get a good deal there. Considering that the mobile market is more geared towards repairing and reselling of smartphones. I would suggest you not buy high-end smartphones from there. Especially in the case of used ones.

Markets to buy used smartphones in Lahore
Credits “Facebook.com”

Often times people get ripped off there. With that being said it doesn’t mean you cannot get ripped off in Hafeez center. But being extra cautious is the way around it.

Kareem Block/ Wahdat Road

Living in Lahore you know that Kareem block is famous for clothes. All kinds of apparel are available there. It might come as a shocker to some people but there is a fairly large mobile market there.

You could find any sort used smartphone that you want. Since we are talking about Kareem block it will be unfair to mention the Ibrar center. Located at Wahdat road is also a good place to buy smartphones.

If by any chance you plan of buying a used smartphone that’s latest in the market they can PTA approve it cheaply. In my recent visit there I eavesdropped on someone saying that they have a back door to all this PTA approve scheme. It was really intriguing for me so upon so actually asked someone about this.

Turn out they have found a way to create/mimick an identical IMEI number of lastest smartphones. This is their way of getting it PTA approved in a matter of time. Therefore if you’re someone who wants a used smartphone that is latest in the market and PTA approved and in decent pricing, do visit the Ibrar center in your quest.


Online markets for purchasing of smartphones

We all know about OLX. How it is not restrained to one city. Every day thousands of adds are placed at this platform. However, there is a huge problem with OLX. Too much fraud. It’s rare that you can find something good at OLX but that is about to chance


Introducing PHONEBOX.PK 

This is a massive smartphone portal. It focuses solely on buying and selling your smartphones. OLX is generic. You can a little bit of everything there.

But Phonebox is totally focusing on a specific target market. Helping people who need to buy or sell used smartphones in good prices. You can browse from 1500 adverts while new ones are posted daily.

Markets to buy used smartphones in Lahore
Credits “phonebox.pk”

Isn’t that great? No hassle, just go to the phonebox.pk and sell your cell instantly. This is run by an enthusiastic team of entrepreneurs who make sure that your experience goes beyond satisfactory. Of course, it isn’t as gigantic as OLX is but this is their starting point but their footfall is an eye-opener. Considering it’s been less than a year since their initiation.

I would highly recommend you all to used go to their website and engage yourself. Not only will you get a good deal but you’ll save a hell lot of time. Besides going to Hafeez center, Hall road, Kreem block or Wahdat road just straight away go to phonebox.pk and start your used smartphone hunt.



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Markets to buy used smartphones in Lahore

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