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Manage time at grocery stores during corona outbreak

Every person in this world is in the fear of getting Coronavirus. It is a deadly transmittable disease that transfers from person to person and even from the surface to person. There is partial to complete lock-down in the whole world. Even in Pakistan, only a few shops are open. The government has recently issued orders that only a few shops along with the grocery stores will remain open. In addition to this, the government also issued a time frame for these shops and only limited persons can stay in a shop. Therefore, we have to purchase the whole grocery within a limited time. So everyone could get a chance. In this article, we are going to discuss that how can you manage time at grocery stores during the corona outbreak.

It is recommended by medical professionals to stay home. As less we travel, lower will be the chance of getting intact with Coronavirus. Even if we have to go out we should take maximum precautions. Moreover, for groceries, I would recommend purchasing your groceries stocks for at least a week, in this way you will be little chance of exposure. We will also discuss the precautions that you may adopt while at the grocery store and even when you get out of that store. Here is how you can manage time at grocery stores during corona outbreak

Steps for managing time

The following are some of the steps for managing time at the grocery store

Plan the trip

This is the first and most important step in managing time in a grocery store. In this section, you have to make a plan that how often do you want to go to the grocery store. I would recommend for your safety to purchase your groceries for at least 15 days. In this way, there will be little chance of getting exposed to this deadly virus. Although, you have to calculate the things you required in your house for the next 15 days. So make a plan carefully.

Check products availability at home

After making the plan, in this step, you have to check the quantity of the grocery that is already available at your home. This will help you to understand the consumption at your home. In addition to this, it will also help you to make the next list of groceries.

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Make a list of products

Well after looking at the available products at your home. This is now time to make a list of things that you require. Divide your list under headings. For example, make a heading of Fruits & Vegetables, Sanitary Products, and Dairy Products. After that write the things you required based on your previous calculations.

Get Ready for shopping

In this step, you should get ready to go out. You should wear gloves and a mask, as it will help you to stay away from this virus. It would be better if you take a shower before going to the store.

Find a shop

Well, generally we prefer to go to those shops which are known to us. However, I recommend that find such shops where you could find each and everything. You should avoid visiting different shops. For example, in Lahore, you can choose Hyerstar or CSD. You can simply visit there and purchase your groceries.

Source: The Conversation

Search items in the shop

Now you can simply take a trolly and enter into the shop. Generally, products are already categorized in the grocery store. Looking at the heading on your list visit the racks accordingly and purchase the grocery. Take care that you must be standing at least 3 to 4 feet away from another person.

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Pay your bill 

When you have placed your products in the trolly. Simply go to the cash counter and pay your bill. You do have to care at that location. As multiple people pass from there. So keep on wearing a mask and gloves while paying the bill. You have to care for yourself and for others also.

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Get back to home

When you leave the grocery store, it is better to sanitize your hands and arms. You can also do that while wearing gloves. Moreover, you should also sanitize the steering wheels of the car. There might be chances of a virus staying at that location. Now you can simply get back home. The rest of the precautionary measures will be under the next heading.

Precautionary measures

You have to adopt certain precautionary measures while at the store and even when you reach the home. The following are some of the measures that you should adopt

  1. Keep a sanitizer with you. This will keep your hands clean
  2. Wear a mask when you leave from the home and even when you are in the store.
  3. Take a disinfectant shower with you, so that you can clean the trolly which you will be carrying. 
  4. Clean the steering wheel when you enter back into the car.
  5. Upon reaching home you have to clean all the grocery with a disinfectant. For fruits and vegetables, you can simply clean it with water and soap. Whereas, other products could be sanitized by the disinfectant.

Source: Kyodo News


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