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Making the Most Out of A Night In Islamabad

I can very well relate when your family forces you to go to a wedding in Islamabad. The worst part would be that they would be distant relatives that you haven’t seen in your entire life. Or when you have been obligated to go to a conference or a meeting by your office.

Either way, it gets really tedious. So you go on a weekend or whenever it’s your last day and you’re finally free. Back to the same old routine in Lahore or Karachi or where ever you’re from don’t just lay on the bed and sleep.

Get out of you’re bed and hustle. If you’re reading this then you better do as I tell you cause I know for a fact boy or a girl you will have fun.

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First Stop

One of the best places for fun in Islamabad is its very famous Go-Karting track. Trust me when I say this that whenever I’ve visited Islamabad Go-Karting has always been on my to-do list.

Making the Most Out of A Night In Islamabad

Located near Rawal Lake right next to the road that goes to Murree. It’s called the 2F2F Karting Club. For those of you who will need a proper name for Google Maps.

So now let me describe you the seen its night the floodlights are on. Bright and wide up. You step up on to the track and feel the cold breezy wind blowing over your face as you get pumped up to the race.

Fun fact the track was actually in association with the Ferrari F1 team. Oh man, the thrill to ride the go-Kart on that track is just amazing.

Now please note people that these aren’t ordinary go-kart, they are super fast and can get out of balance within seconds. So please be careful while steering them.

Now if for some reason you are a pro on go-karting then please request them to give you the go-kart that is reserved for the veterans. And rip that kart to the end, OH YEAH!

Making the Most Out of A Night In Islamabad

This for all the competitive nut head out there, they have a proper lap system with a full statistical analysis who came 1st or 2nd. After your race, the stats will be displayed on an LCD after exiting the track. Just give your names and let them note your kart number that’s it. You can even bet on it!

  • Note the best time to go to the go-kart track is in the evening if you want to experience the floodlight which is just amazing hands down.


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Second & Last Stop

So now that you’re done with go-karting it’s time to enter into the mellow feels of Islamabad. Make your way up to Monal have yourself the most awesome BBQ there or try their Italian cuisine. Whatever floats your boat.


All the money is for the view. It doesn’t matter that if you go in the evening or the afternoon. You’ll find it quite a peaceful soothing until the food arrives. Then things get really hardcore!

When you’re done with your feast and taking enough pictures for Instagram and Snapchat cruise back down to Daman-e-Koh. 

Making the Most Out of A Night In Islamabad
Daman-e-Koh At Night

There are telescopes placed there where you can see the city up close from a height. Hence, figure out why they call Islamabad the greenest city of Pakistan.

Most people prefer to go there in the afternoon. But since my entire guide is centered around the evening you’ll equally enjoy it. In my opinion.

Making the Most Out of A Night In Islamabad
Daman-e-Koh in the Afternoon

It is entirely up to you how you do it. You can mold it to your liking and situation.

So this is it, HAPPY TRAVELS!


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