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MAAZRAT- A Startup which is creating Buzz in town


A startup is a business model run by one or more than one Entrepreneurs. All startups have an idea initially and they have to develop it according to their target market reach. The main aim of any startup is to focus on solving any problem. Multiple problems can be addressed by entrepreneurs of a startup, but as Faisal Sherjaan once said “Problem is singular, and if you focus on providing a solution to that singular problem then chances are that you will be successful.

Maazrat began with three best friends and film graduates discussing various issues of society casually. Their late-night casual discussions turned into having strong sentiments about some prevalent and growing problems in our society. Especially as being females here. Thus, as storytellers, they realized our power of telling a story and trying to make a difference by starting healthy debates. For if the youth of media wouldn’t speak up, then who would?

credits: Maazrat

How the team of Maazrat started their journey?

They came up with a video idea related to harassment and tried to pitch it to different forums. However, either people weren’t interested, or they were and then got busy in other projects or wanted to make changes according to themselves. So, they stopped pursuing that and thought, why not create their own forum. They also saw a lack of good content on the web compared to the global market, especially with regard to women content creators. Thus began this journey starting with brainstorming for a suitable name that envelopes their ideology. After much discussion, they named it Maazrat because they were well aware that people would always have something negative to say if we started questioning the norms of society. It also gives the satirical touch that is present in most of their content, hence they apologize beforehand if it hurts anyone’s sentiments!

MAAZRAT- A Startup which is creating Buzz in town
credits: Maazrat

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Admins of Maazrat

  • Musfirrah Fawad

    The Most Inspiring Facebook Page
    credits: facebook.com
  • Eshah Shakeel
  • Laila Khalid
They are three co-founders and best friends, film graduates from NCA & BNU, Lahore. Being film graduates, they strongly feel that content is largely influenced by money-making monopolies rather than focusing on content and that film graduates have no path to follow once they have completed the study of their discipline. This brings them to their two-fold vision: to speak about issues in content and inculcate a healthy debate among society through media, and to create a forum large and influential enough so as to connect independent filmmakers to bigger production companies and showcase their work. They hope to explore the impacts of good content and to spread that hope to struggling artists. This journey is full of hardships right now but our determination to fulfill their visions is strong and unapologetic.

MAAZRAT- A Startup which is creating Buzz in town
credits: Maazrat

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More than 2.2 billion active members, Facebook remains one of the most widely used social media platforms out there. Facebook pages are an awesome way to meet a variety of professionals who are looking for and sharing advice on their industry, current affairs, tech, business, or entrepreneurship. The pages of Facebook is a great place to get inspiration and motivation from other like-minded people. You can follow one of the thousands of Facebook pages. Yet, there are so many facebook pages, to choose from that finding the right ones can be difficult. Maazrat is one of the best and interesting Facebook page. You can gain a lot of knowledge from this inseparable page.

MAAZRAT- A Startup which is creating Buzz in town
credits: Team Maazrat

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