A week into the year 2020 and following the routine, the Lahore University of Management Sciences is trending once again. Well, briefly describing Lahore University of Management Sciences is one of the most popular universities in Lahore. The Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) has rebranded its name and has chosen to call it as LUMS University (LUMSU) and notified staff and students via email on Monday morning, 6 January 2020.

However, This sounds a little weird when read in full form, it has university two times in its name. The move is an acknowledgment of the diversity of disciplines on campus and a move towards more inclusivity. Moreover, this meant that the old name Lahore University of Management Sciences was dropped. LUMS is no more an acronym, but the name of the university. From now on, LUMS will be called LUMS University (LUMSU).

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View of Vice-Chancellor

Vice-Chancellor Dr. Arshad Ahmad sent an email to the students and faculty, saying that “the step had been taken as the varsity has evolved from a management school to a comprehensive university offering over 30 undergraduate and graduate degree programs through its schools of business, humanities, and social sciences, science and engineering, law and education. The disciplinary growth and its comprehensive status are better captured by the phrase LUMS University which will replace “Lahore University of Management Sciences” in our formal and informal communications – both, print and digital”.

The management of the university feels that the “disciplinary growth and its comprehensive status is better to understand by Lums University”.
However, the explanation of the university management went unattended for as #LUMSU became the top trend in the country when students, alumni, and staff all took to Twitter to showcase their response to this new version.

No Changes In The Name

Additionally, the next day of rebranding LUMS as LUMS University, the management declared of not changing its official name. In an email to the students and faculty, Vice-Chancellor Dr. Arshad Ahmad clarified that his earlier announcement was written in good faith to reflect the reality of their five schools that comprise their university and ‘to encourage to use as a communication strategy the acronym LUMS as a noun, which is how most have come to know us’.
He further said that the message did not intend to change the university’s name. He added that the university’s name will continue to be used as LUMS.

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However, people through the micro-blogging site, twitter mercilessly trolled the varsity after listening to this news.




And there are many more

LUMS never shies out of attention and has been a trend over something or another for the past few years. But yes, it is necessary to add here that the university reserves all the rights for subjections such as changing its name.

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