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Lahore’s rich heritage fading off?

Recently I decided to pay a visit to our country’s rich heritage. Which to my surprise is turning to ruins. Despite all the modernization in the world, we cannot figure out how to restore our heritage. It just baffles me every time I think about it.


What is still left of our heritage?

We all know there is the famous Lahore fort. The insanely famous Badshahi Masjid. The Shalimar gardens. The most beautiful Wazir Khan Masjid. I’m sure there are many others. But I’m naming only a few that are most popular.

All of these famous places have been renovated throughout the years. But the attempts made for the betterment doesn’t seem that solid.


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Lahore Fort

Let’s talk about Lahore fort, shall we? I used to remember a time when Lahore fort was great and some of its uniqueness still remained. However, my recent trip there proved otherwise.

The very famous sheesh mahal in the fort was like a gem to see. But upon getting there I was just without words. The overall essence has gone. But the most annoying aspect to Lahore Fort is the “Vandalism”. The vandalism acts are through the roof here.

Lahore's rich heritage fading off
Credit: “flickr.com”

People just don’t have any sort of respect for these ancient buildings that actually bring tourism. Writing names on beautifully crafted walls. I mean what kind of a person would write their phone number on fort walls.

Lahore's rich heritage fading off

Despite the efforts of the authorities that handle the fort people just don’t stop. Littering is also a common and disgusting problem in these monuments. On my recent trip, I saw the famous artillery gun the cannon. I was really happy to see that it was painted and finished well.

However, upon glancing in the artillery gun it was full of litter. I got furious real quick. Uttering all sorts of profanity to the people. You have to understand that the government can do so much, rest is up to the general public. Respect the sanctity of the architecture how hard is that? I fail to understand.

Restoration of the fort is, in my opinion, is highly inadequate. The fort walls are so full of filth and dirt. For so many years no one thought of revamping the beautiful walls of the fort and the question still remains.

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Shalimar Gardens

I remember going on school field trips to see the beautiful Shalimar gardens. Back then the gardens had something to show for. To represent Mughal’s architecture further, their rich culture and what the emperors liked to do.

Lahore's rich heritage fading off
Credits: “pakistantoday.com.pk”

It was constructed under the regimen of the famous Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. In 1981 the Shalimar Gardens were inscribed as UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Shalimar gardens were created as a representation of peace and harmony. Where humans co-exist in perfect harmony with all the elements of nature.

Thanks to our ex Cheif minister of Punjab who commissioned an elaborated roading system in Lahore. So one of those roads had to pass through the gardens which in order to do so the gardens had to cut short.

This was a massive butchery on our heritage. Now the gardens are somewhat small as to the original look. The famous botanical gardens are just afloat there.


Although there have been many attempts to refurbish the unique mechanisms of the fountains. It’s spectacular as to how they came up with this rare fountain system which is considered one of the best in the world.

When I visited the gardens which was a very long time ago the fountain system was a bit busted. The guide there explained that we cannot replicate the original waterwork system as they are really complex.

It was the emperor’s leisure time where the dance performances that happened with the fountain systems were in action. While they haven’t been restored to their full potential however they are a piece of art.


Badshahi & Wazir Khan Masjid

Well, both of these grand mosques have been thoroughly renovated to bring out its originality. It’s safe to say that they have successfully done it. The red stone casting on Badshahi masjid have all been replaced. The mosque is in fact in good shape.


Lahore's rich heritage fading off?

Recently the royals of England paid a visit to Pakistan. Badhahi masjid was one of the places they visited. I don’t know about you but if the royals visited it, it must be worthy enough. So yeah that’s pretty much Badsahi mosque for you.

The same can be said about the wazir khan mosque. It’s so beautiful! The most unique aspect of this mosque is that it has a different view from a different angle. From where ever you see it you’ll get a feeling that the structure is playing tricks on you.

This heritage is one of the really few and rare ones that have been preserved well. And I’m so glad for it.


Lahore's rich heritage fading off?
Credits: “dailytimes.com.pk”

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